New Local Rule – Accidental Movement of a Ball on the Putting Green

Yesterday, the powers that be in golf, rather unceremoniously, announced a new Local Rule that no longer penalizes a players who accidentally causes his or her ball to move on the putting green

A couple of handy explanations, first this photos from the USGA


And, for a more detailed explanation, a YouTube video

Of interest, this is not an actual change to the rules of golf (although from the sounds of it, it will be at some point), but rather a new local rule. A local rule means that a course or event must enact the local rule and that it does not automatically apply for all rounds or events.

The local rule comes into effect Jan 1, 2017, so plenty of time for your local, regional, provincial/state, and national bodies to implement it for 2017 events, especially for those of us under snow for the next several months.

What is your experience with accidental ball movement on greens?

See you at the turn,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brian Penn says:

    Brewcee, very sensible update although I’m not sure what all the delay is about making this to a permanent rule change. Long overdue! Thanks for posting.


  2. Brewcee

    Great article. I think it should just be a rule. Although I have never had my ball accidentally move, I have seen it happen. Unfortunately for my playing partner it was in a tournament and it cost them a stroke! This is a common sense change and I support it!


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