Course Review – Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

logoCarleton Golf & Yacht Club is a fine golf course with a great atmosphere. Take away the extremely well maintained grounds and the lack of crowds and it would fit in well with the semi private and public courses scattered throughout the outskirts of Ottawa, and that is what makes it great. It doesn’t feel like a private club, which is not a criticism, but a compliment to its authenticity. I have played private clubs that make sure you know they are private, I have played public courses that try very hard and sometime very successfully to provide you the private club experience. Carleton is a private club with all the amenities one would expect, but with the charm of your local muni.


6627 Marina Drive, Manotick, Ontario K4M 1B3


Course Designer:

Unsure. I wasn’t able to track this info down from their website. I am sure someone out there knows.

Year Opened:

The course opened in 1963 as the Rideau Carelton Golf & Yacht Club.

Cost: $$

While I am told it is one of the more affordable private clubs in the Ottawa area I am not entirely sure that price points as they are not publicly listed.

The guest fees were $70 CDN, but you can access the course as a member of ClubEG (a third party golf club that has arrangements with 50 or so Ottawa area courses) for $50.



Favorite Hole:

While the course isn’t a scenic gem by any stretch of the imagination, they do have several really well designed holes. My favorite would have to be the par 4 3rd. Not only is it a pretty hole, it is also a hole that really makes you think off the tee.



Why I would go back:

If I lived closer I would highly consider joining. Alas, I am a solid 45 minutes in good traffic, so its not in the cards.

I just really like the atmosphere. Also, the course sets up nicely for my game and the two times I have played there have been duds, so getting back to go low would be fun.

Interesting Fact:

Although the course sits along the Rideau river, there are no holes directly beside the river.


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Bucket List = How high on my list of courses to play

Overall I really liked the course and look forward to getting back there in the future.

My only complaint of the facility was the practice range, which was very small and only had mats vs natural turf. With that said, it was still a spot to warm up.

See you at the turn,




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I believe the designer was Bob Paluzzi from Wysox Pa Morton Kalin developer

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