My Wishful Thinking Golf Christmas List

How crazy is this, Christmas is only 1 month away! In the US the shopping season is in full swing with the annual Black Friday going on today. There is no snow in Ottawa yet and I haven’t put my Christmas lights up, but still, I decided to get into the spirit of the season by putting together my 2012 Golf Christmas list.

Nike VRS Covert Driver

Without a doubt I am a loyal Nike follower. I currently have only 1 non Nike club in the bag (60 degree wedge). With such a strong attachment to Nike products how could I not want the covert.

Unfortunately, the covert isn’t available in Canada until February 2013, so it will have to be a late Christmas gift.

Footjoy MyJoys

Here is my idea of a great looking golf shoe

Custom golf shoes are by far the coolest idea in golf shoes out there. I have a pair of Contours that I absolutely love, would be great to replace them with a custom designed pair of Contours.

Garmin Approach S1 GPS Watch

Combining two of my favorite things, golf and technology. I have never had a golf gps, but if I do get one, I hope it is one I can wear on my wrist.

Titleist NXT Tour Ball

There is a reason Titleist is the number one ball in golf, they make great golf balls. For whatever reason I had never played any NXT series ball prior to this year. It was by fluke I tee’d it up one day and really fell for it. Played some of my best golf of the season with the NXT tour.

A great place to pick up refurbished golf balls is

Nike Vapor X Stand Bag

How can I not throw in a few Nike products. Big fan of the look of this golf bag. I should have bought it when I saw it on clearance at Sports Excellence for 50% in September, but didn’t, so will have to see if Santa picked it up on sale for me.

Golf Books

As an avid reader what better way to stay connected to the game during the winter. Two books I hope to see under the tree are Golf is not a Games of Perfect (1995) by Dr Bob Rotella and Golf in the Kingdom (1971) by Michael Murphy.

Golf Vacation

What golfer wouldn’t love a winter vacation to somewhere warm with available tee times. I don’t even care where.


I have never taken a golf lesson in my life. Sometimes I think I am holding myself back by not taking lessons. What I am more likely to be interested in is a tune up package for the spring time.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss V says:

    I have the vapour stand bag in luminous pink – it is brilliant! best and lightest bag I have ever owned. I got to say – Nike are my new favourite golf brand. I’m currently playing with the VRS forged irons, VRS hybrid and woods and I love them. The deserve a lot more credit then they get. I hope you get all you wish for!

    1. aaronrbruce says:

      I am jealous, except for the pink part. I have been playing mostly Nike clubs for a few years now with no complaints.

  2. Mary says:

    Hope Santa brings you something nice!

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