The 2016 Golf Season is finally here

Welcome to 2016The 2015 golf season was one of the longest golf seasons I can remember, going well into November here in Ottawa and even December in parts of the Province. The short off season hasn’t stopped the masses from becoming collectively restless with springs seemingly late arrival in the capital region (seems late every year, when in actuality mid April is pretty consistent), a testament to the obsession we all have for the game.

Well, the wait is officially over as a number of golf courses open across the region this weekend. For a full listing of course opening dates in Ottawa, Ottawa Valley, Ā Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, check out Flagstick Golf Magazine.

Personally, I won’t be playing this weekend, but will be trying to fit in a hour to get over the range for some practice. As with most years I don’t play any or many rounds in April, instead focusing on getting the rust off on the range.

Happy golfing this weekend to everyone heading out,

See you at the turn,



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  1. Jona says:

    There’s certainly a lot to know about this topic.
    I like all the points you have made.

  2. mrj803 says:

    Well, we made it through another off season.
    Aaron, I hope we’re able to tee it up this year. Our opportunity over Christmas wasn’t able to happen. Like you, the next two weeks will be heavy on practice, light on play. Good luck in 2016!

    Cheers, Mike

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