The 2016 Masters – WTF

It is safe to say I didn’t see that coming. Not just Jordan’s 3rd on 12 (or his 1st), but almost from day 1 it seemed like this would be a different Masters. About mid week everyone started to talk about the wind being a factor, and it certainly was.

I have always had a certain perception about the majors, that no matter how untrue in reality, has always existed in my mind, and it goes as such:

  • The US Open is the field vs the course
  • The British Open is the field vs the weather
  • The PGA Championship lacks any true identity
  • The Masters is the field vs the field.

I have always had this expectation that at Augusta the course gets out of the way of the players and lets them battle it out. Not to say the course is easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it normally always players who manage it well and hit the ball well to score well. It was incredible how many guys talked about how well they played in post round interviews after shooting 1 or 2 over par.

Congratulations to Danny Willet and his flawless 67 on Sunday. He must feel a bit like Paul Lawrie felt after winning the 1999 British Open.

photo credit Jeff Siner Charlotte Observer

As for my pre tournament predictions, it is official that I am not a good source of fantasy golf information, don’t listen to me.

1.Someone who is past their prime and not a predicted to contend is going to have a great first round and be high on the leaderboard. They will stay in contention through Friday and play in the afternoon on Saturday. Saturday won’t go so well and by Sunday afternoon we will all forget they were even in contention. My prediction is this will be Vijay Singh.

WRONG. While Bernard Langer hung around the leaderboard all week it wasn’t until Saturday’s 70 that people started talking about him. Vijay missed the cut.

2. No amateur will content, although announcers will spend a lot of time talking about them. Top amateur will be Derek Bard (I don’t like picking favorites).

WRONG. We spent a lot of time talking about Bryson DeChambeau because he went into the weekend in contention. Derek Bard missed the cut

3. Announcers will spend a lot of time talking about whether the 13th is long enough/difficult enough. They will conclude it should be left alone.

WRONG. I actually heard very little of this.

4. We won’t have a repeat of 2015 where Spieth ran away with it. I think this will come down to the back 9 on Sunday with 4 players still within striking distance. The leader going into the back 9 on Sunday won’t win. McIlroy, Mickelson, B. Watson, and Day will all make the turn on Sunday with a chance.

KINDA RIGHT. I was right in that no one ran away with it. But to suggest that four players were in contention before Spieth played the 12th would be a stretch. I was right that the leader going onto back 9 wouldn’t win, but none of my four really had a chance on the back 9 on Sunday. McIlroy and Day were also rans, Watson and Mickelson missed the cut.

5. I am picking Mickelson to win it. He plays creative and aggressive enough to catching someone on the back 9 and I think he will.

WRONG. Phil missed the cut. He was in pretty good shape after Thursday, but it all went bad starting at the 7th on Friday.

With the Masters behind us, golf season in eastern Ontario can’t be far behind … right (more snow today, but looking nice rest of week).

See you at the turn,





9 Comments Add yours

  1. Pete Robbins says:

    When it comes to predictions, asked recently how many Majors the worlds top three players would win this year. I said none.

    1. aaronrbruce says:

      So many good players on tour right now, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I could see Spieth pulling a McIlroy after his Master’s collapse a couple year back and proceed to win everything from here on in.

  2. Brian Penn says:


    Good wrap up. I guess if we all had a crystal ball we’d be in Vegas doing something else for a living.



    1. aaronrbruce says:

      I have to assume anyone who shows up at a casino with a crystal ball is automatically denied access, just saying :). Taking a guess is always fun though.

  3. Aaron,

    If it makes you feel better my predictions and fantasy picks all tanked. From what could have been a lackluster Masters turned into a thrill ride on that back 9. Crazy.


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Agree. With Spieth made the turn on Sunday I was actually a bit disappointed it wasn’t a race to the finish between a coupe of guys. The back 9 has so many scoring opportunities I would have loved to see a few guys tied at the turn and spend the back 9 exchanging birdies and maybe eagles on those par 5s. I am not sure the actual finish made up for that, but it was certainly one to remember.

  4. Brewcee,

    I feel your pain! I am hit and miss when making predictions. This is why I do not make a living at it! Great article!


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      So true Jim. Always fun to guess though.

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