2015 Year in Review

Its that time of year again, time to reflect back on the past year and compare it to the expectations you had at this time last year.

Back in March I set out some goals for the 2015 golf season. Given that my wife and I had just welcomed a new addition to the family, my objectives for 2015 were not overly stringent. Lets see how I came out on the other end:

  1. Play once a week –  Depending on how you look at it, this goal was met. While I didn’t actually play once a week, I played 28 rounds over 27 weeks (May 1 – Nov 8), so I averaged a round a week, but in actuality played most of my golf in spurts with stretches of no golf in between.
  2. Keep index in single digits – This is a big check mark. My index went up a full stroke from 5.4 to 6.4, but I was happy to keep it under 7.
  3. Practice – This never happened. Maybe next year ( I say that every year). It turns out I am just not a range guy, would much rather spend my time on the course.
  4. Compete – Another check mark here. I played in 3 tournaments (5 tournament rounds) in 2015. The quantity of competitive golf was disappointing, but expected. The opening round of the Flagstick Open was the only bad competitive round I played. I was middle of the pack at Flagstick Open, then won the Metcalfe Club Championship and finished in a tie for 5th at the OVGA Tournament of Champions.

In addition to my stated goals, here are a few other bits and bites from 2015

Best round – 71 at Silvertip in Canmore 

Most enjoyable round – Was actually 3 rounds. On August 9th I played 54 holes at my home course. With wife and son out of town it was nice to spend a full day playing golf.  

Most underrated course played- Royal Montreal Red course. I played the more well known blue course in 2014, but the Red course doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Not as tough as the blue course, but certainly still tough, with small greens and an excellent lay out.

Most scenic course played – Silvertip in Canmore, AB. Really had a wow factor.

Course played that I would most like to be a member at – Country Club of Montreal. I enjoyed the layout, course was dead at 7:00am on a weekday morning, atmosphere was quite relaxed for a private club.

Disappointment of 2015 – Not getting in a December round. There was a glimmer of hope for a round this week, but the weather didn’t cooperate.

5 Favorite photos from 2015

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That’s a wrap on 2015, can’t wait to get 2016 started.

See you at the turn,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. mrj803 says:

    Great review! I enjoyed it. And we’ll keep an eye on the weather next December to see if connecting for a round may be possible. I’m heading to Calgary this May and will seek to make time for a round at Silvertip. Thanks and best wishes for the coming year.

    Cheers, Mike.

  2. Brewcee

    Sounds like you had an awesome year. Having a new member of the family is always a time eater, but just think, in 6 years, you will have more time on the course with your son! I enjoyed reading your adventures on the links last year and look forward to reading more in 2016. Here is to a great golf season!


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