The Never Ending Golf Season

I last played golf on November 5th and was pretty happy to get a game in November. Following the round I put the clubs in the garage and resigned myself to the end of golf season. I then got busy with work, and while on and off the road for work and tending to the needs of the 9 month old we have at home, golf season continued on another month without me, but honestly I didn’t really notice, figuring that even for the recreational player, golf in December was more or less the definition of silly season and I had other things occupying my time.

I am now kinda kicking myself, because its December 16th and golf season continues here in Ottawa. Sure, there are only a few courses still open, and only enough daylight for a few hours of groups to make it off each day, but golf season none the less. Only last week did I really think about trying to get out for a round, because why not. Being able to play golf in Ottawa in December isn’t going to happen every year. Each weekend I put it off, I publicly admit its an opportunity missed and its only a matter of days before the courses all close, but privately wonder if next weekend will still be golf season. It is easy to extrapolate that thought and wonder if this golf season will ever end.

The idea of a never ending golfing season is rather conflicting for me. On one hand being able to play golf year round sounds like a fantastic way to spend my time. However, I am not so sure it would all be good. First off, I really do enjoy the off season, and have a range of winter activities I engage in. Secondly, a defined golf season allows me to keep the addiction under control and lets not kid ourselves, its an addition (just ask my wife). The off season is like rehab and I am not sure what my life would become without the 6 month break. Lastly, a never ended golf season in Ottawa isn’t as appealing as it sounds, the months of December through March would be like golf season purgatory, not quite golf season, but not quite off season, like perpetual early spring.

What are your thoughts on a year round golf season?

See you at the turn,






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  1. Aaron,

    The weather is crazy. I have only played golf once in December. This year, I could have played 5 times. I hope this nice weather stays until March! 😉


  2. mrj803 says:

    Totally agree, Aaron
    We’re playing with house money in December. I’m checking the advance forecasts with a hope this mild spell continues over the Christmas break. I’ll be out as long as they’ll let me play! Hope you’re able to get out again.

    Thanks, Mike.

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