OVGA Tournament of Champions

This post is a lot late, but better late than never.

After winning the Metcalfe Golf Club Championship I had the privilege of representing the club at the Ottawa & District Golf Association Tournament of Champions on Sept 28th at GreyHawk golf course. I would be competing agains the club champions from around Ottawa and region. This was the first time I would be playing in the event as the last time I won the club championship I was unable to play due to being away on my honeymoon.

Like most of my competitive events this year I didn’t come into the tournament with what I would consider adequate preparation. Between the lack of readiness and a poor weather forecast, I wasn’t expecting much from my game.

GreyHawk is a clublink property that features two 18 hole courses, Talon and Predator. While I have had the opportunity to play Predator on a number of occasions, the course we would be playing for the tournament, Talon, I had only played once before and wasn’t all that familiar with. To compound matters, it would be a shot gun start, not starting on the 1st or 10th hole always seems to throw me off.

The day of the event was calling for showers, but luckily the temperature was north of 20 degrees Celsius, so it wouldn’t be cold and wet, just wet. The rain held off for the first six holes, and then was off and on for another six. The rain was steady and hard at times for last six.

My day started on the par 5 6th. As much as I don’t like shot gun starts, I was happy to start on a wide open par 5 after not playing in a week. To my surprise I got off the tee ok (left rough), knocked one up near the green, pitched on and made 20 footer for birdie. My hot started got cold quickly when I doubled the par 3 7th. 

The theme of the day was long putts. I hit a lot of greens, but left myself with 30 and 40 footers all day long. I actually ended the round with 37 putts which would normally suggest a tough day, but I also hit 14 greens, meaning a lot of my first putts although long (and mostly missed) were for birdie.

Best shot of day was second on par 5 12th. With 215 to the pin and 200 to clear a pond in front of the green I hit a hybrid to pin high about 25 feet from the hole. It was a easy two putt birdie.

Day almost got really good as I was coming down the stretch. Sitting at +4 I birdied my 16th hole of the day, the par 5 3rd to get the +3. I then hit my tee shot on the par 3 4th (my 17th) to about 8 feet. I was looking a a quick downhill putt to be to 2 over, but instead blew it by and missed the 8 footer coming back up the hill. 3 putt bogey, back to 4 over. 

I finished with a 76 that I had no complaints about. I drove the ball well, I hit a lot of  greens, my lag putts were on the mark most times and I putted well from inside 10 feet.

I figured a 76 would be good enough for a top 10 abs I was right coming in at T5. The winner shot an incredible 66, followed by three guys at 74 and 3 of us at 76.

With that my golf season has come to an end. I may get one more round in, but seeing as it is now Oct 23rd, it’s not looking good.

See you at the turn,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Juan Mark says:

    Brewcee’s Golf

    Nice Congrats! Thank you for sharing the information. keep it up! ..

    Alviera Country Club

  2. Josh says:


    That’s a great finish to the season! (assuming you don’t squeeze in another round) … good memories for the off-season, and momentum for next season! Well done.


  3. Brewcee

    Congrats! I love reading shots about golf and yours ranks up there! Next year, it is time take the whole thing!


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