A Full Day of Golf

Last weekend my wife and 5 month old son were out of town visiting some family, which meant I had 3 full days to spend at the golf course (while getting everything else done as well of course).

While Sunday turned out to be the big day, I did manage to play 36 holes on Friday, 18 in the morning at Falcon Ridge with a good buddy Adam Stanley  and another 18 back at Metcalfe in the evening.

My original plan was to play Saturday morning and Sunday morning, but when my alarm went off at 5am Saturday I made the quick decision to take the rare opportunity and sleep in. Saturday also provided an opportunity to get some stuff done around the house, so in the end I didn’t play golf at all on Saturday. While running some errands Saturday afternoon I had the great idea of heading to the course early Sunday morning and just spending the day there playing as much as I could.

I pulled out of the driveway Sunday morning at 5:30am and checked in at the Metcalfe Golf pro shop around 6:00am. A couple groups were already on the course as per normal at Metcalfe and I joined up with a pair of members, including the individual who beat me in the club championship last year.

The sun rising over the 2nd hole at Metcalfe Golf (photo from a previous round)

The morning round turned out to be lots of fun, although evidently it took me 9 holes to wake up as I went out in 43 (8 over par 35) and home in 38 (1 over par 37). 81 wasn’t something to write home about, but I wasn’t too disappointed. Following the round I headed in for a big breakfast. Round 1 6:20 – 10:00am.

After breakfast I headed over to the pro shop to see where they could fit me in for a second round. The tee sheet was busy, but not full, so it wasn’t too hard. I ended up getting paired up with a junior member and his grandfather at 11:00am. The second round was a lot like the first round with lots of ups and downs. My front 9 was a little better as I went out in 5 over 40, although that included 2 doubles. My back 9 was again pretty solid, making 3 bogies and a birdie for a 2 over 39 and a total 79. Round 2 11:00am – 3:30pm

With 2 rounds under my belt I headed in for a late lunch.

The 1st at Metcalfe. The shadows are long in the late afternoon.

I emerged from lunch full, rested and ready for round 3. While I knew the second round would be the longest of the day, the third round presented a couple of challenges. For one, I only had about 4 hours of day light left, so I was going to have to keep moving if I wanted to finish. Secondly, late in the day you get a lot of families out for 9 who take their time knowing they are only going to play 9 holes. In order to be able to jump around holes to ensure I would finish I took a cart for my 3rd round.

I started the round with about a full hole gap between myself and a twosome in the cart ahead that I knew would play relatively quickly. In order to try and maintain the gap I played 2 balls, one from the blacks where I normally play and one from the more forward whites. I was able to play the full front 9 without running into the twosome ahead of me, shooting 40 from the blacks and 39 from the whites. I was able to keep playing 2 balls until I ran into a different twosome on 15. The original twosome in front of me had played through and this new twosome was much slower. Luckily, they allowed me to play through as well, but with them behind me I continued my round from the blacks only. I played through another group on 16 and another group on 18, although I am not sure why they felt the need to let me through on the last hole. The only major blemish of my back 9 came on 15 where I doubled, along with a bogey on 16, I shot 40 coming home for an 80 for the round. Round 3 4:20 – 7:20pm.

The 10th at Metcalfe, the sun is starting its dissent around 5:30pm

Coming off the 18th tee I was pretty satisfied with my day, having managed to play 54 holes. My play was mediocre at best, but I managed to play 3 consecutive rounds without putting up a big number (81, 79, 80), which at least showed come consistency.

With a little bit of sunlight left and no where to be, I drive over to the first tee of the 9 hole course and tee’d it up. The 9 hole course at Metcalfe is a regulation 9, but plays pretty short and is fairly easy for most seasoned players. However, after playing 54 holes and a bit hungry for dinner I made a bit of a mess of my final 9, but grinded out a +3 39, finishing right around dark. Round 4 7:20 – 8:10pm

I have played numerous 36 hole days, a couple of 45 hole days, but last Sunday was definitely the first time I have played 63 holes in one day. I hope I get a chance to do it again some time.

See you at the turn,



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow that’s a huge day! Good on ya, sounds like fun.


  2. Wow quite a day! I don’t think I could play that much since too many people play at my course on the weekends! You should do one of the 100 Hole Hikes.

  3. WOW, that is amazing. The most I have ever played in one day was 45 holes…I cannot imagine playing another 18. Also, your scores were great given the amount of golf you played. You must have been exhausted on Monday!


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