2015 Flagstick Open

equinelle_fs_open1The second stop on the BMG Cup Series is the Flagstick Open at eQuinelle Golf Club in Kemptville, Ontario.  The first stop was the Flagstick Shootout at Smuggler’s Glen (which I didn’t play this year) and the third and final stop is at Brockville Country Club in September.

In 2013 I went to eQuinelle having never played the course and shot a two day total 155 (74, 81) to finish second in C Flight (with a 6.0 index). In 2014 I came back to eQuinelle without having played it since the 2013 event and fired a two day 157 (82, 75) and again finished 2nd in C Flight (with a 5.4 index). Needless to say, I have the potential to play well at eQuinelle.

It is amazing what lack of practice and lack of sleep can do to your golf game. With a new baby in the house and a two week stint at the Pan Am Games in Toronto leading up the event, it was safe to say I was not overly prepared. To make matters worse, I drove from Toronto back to Ottawa on Friday night, arriving at 6am Saturday morning, my tee time was at 10:40am that same morning. I wasn’t expecting much from my golf game, but what I got was way worse than I ever imagined.

To start, I was barely awake. On top of that I hadn’t hit a golf ball in two weeks. In addition, technically speaking, something is off with my swing. Generally I hit a small draw with both my woods and irons, but the draw has completely disappeared off the tee and is now an ugly push fade.

With all the above, Saturdays round was not pretty, but could have been salvageable if I could have made a putt, but I couldn’t. The numbers from Saturday show 41 putts, 2 quads, 2 balls into water hazard, 1 lost ball and a score of 95.  After day one I was sitting in second last in B flight (with a 5.7 index), 34/35. Amazingly someone played worse than me.

Saturday night consisted of a good sleep and not much else.

With nothing to lose (and self worth being the only thing to gain), I headed out Sunday knowing it couldn’t get any worse, but the double on number 1 seemed to suggest it could be equally bad though. Surprisingly, I strung together a bunch of pars on the front, with a few acceptable bogeys and a birdie on 8, followed by a double on 9 to go out in 5 over, 8 strokes better than Saturday). I started the back 9 with 3 bogeys and figured it was all catching up to me, but than it seemed to turn around as I parred 13 – 17 and birdied 18 for a 38 coming home and a 79 for the day (16 stroke improvement over round 1).  It wasn’t a pretty 79, I still struggled to get off the tee, but my putter came back to life only needed 31 putts to get around the course (10 strokes saved on putts alone over Saturday). I moved from 34th to 24th on the leaderboard. I far cry back to back 2nd place finishes, but I am still happy with they way I picked my game up on day 2.

As always, the guys at Flagstick Golf Magazine ran a top rate tournament. Based on what I hear my friends playing Golf Channel/Golf Town Tour Events and GTA Amateur Tour Events and what they get, we are getting a real steal here in Eastern Ontario for the BMG Cup Series.

The tournament results can be found here.

See you at the turn,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron,

    That is a great bounceback from Day 1! Those days happen, and in your case being tired and out of practice, it is understandable. Sounds like you have a lot of positives to draw from the experience.

    For what it is worth, when I get into a slump my miss is also a push fade. The fix for me isn’t very technical, it is just getting back to thoughts of a good shoulder turn and slowing down my tempo, particularly under pressure. May not be the case for you, but your comment resonated with me.


  2. mrj803 says:

    An enjoyable read, Aaron.
    Your schedule makes the score make sense. And e-Quinelle sounds by all accounts as a really enjoyable course. I’d love to meet up for a round one day when I’m in your neighbourhood. Hope the Pan Am experience was a positive one. Cheers, Mike

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