What is your favorite time of the day to get in a round?

20150527_054858What is your favorite time of day to play? Are you up with the birds, like to enjoy a lazy afternoon, or try and squeeze out the last minutes of day light?

Personally, I like early morning rounds the best. Though I am not much of a morning person, I have no problem getting out of bed for a round of golf. Couple of reasons for my fondness of the mornings

  • Great way to start the day. As stated above, I am don’t like mornings. But being on the course at dawn and being back home for breakfast at 9am is a great way to start the day. I like the feeling of having accomplished something before breakfast.
  • Pace of play. As much as I love golf, I don’t love spending 4.5 – 5 hours on a golf course. I play a lot of golf alone, normally by choice, and being the first  player on the course in the morning ensures I am going to be done in around 2 hours. If a friend wants to join, we can normally wrap it up in 2.5 – 3 hours. I find evening golf is hit and miss with pace of play as families tend to play in the early evenings (just playing a few holes or as many as they can before dark). Also, I tend to catch up to people on the back 9 (they tee off at 4, trying to finish by 8, I tee off at 5 trying to finish by 7).
  • Cooler temperatures. I am not a huge fan of the heat and humidity. Give me clear skies and 15 degrees and I am perfectly comfortable. You can also benefit from this in the evenings.

While playing in the early AM is great, there are a couple of things to remember though

  • Grounds crew is normally on the course. I normally tee off before the pro shop opens, so technically the course isn’t open yet. Make sure to give grounds crew right of way so they can do their job.
  • Sun glasses. When the sun comes up, it is inevitably going to be in your eyes on some holes. Expect to have a few holes where you will have no idea where you hit the ball due to the sun, just hope it went straight.
  • Bug Spray. This goes for evening as well, but the bugs are cray at dawn.
  • Waterproof shoes, maybe even rain gear pants. It might be sunny and 15, but the dew on the ground will leave you soaked if you are not prepared for it,
  • Remember to bring your own coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker), the restaurant isn’t going to be open until you make the turn, or potentially not even when you make the turn.

See you at the turn,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I like the mornings, but will take whatever the tee time is!

  2. Aaron,

    It’s tough to beat sweeping the dew early in the morning. There isn’t anything quite like it! Nice write up


  3. Aaron

    I am an early bird player. I love the calmness of the course and especially the quick rounds. Great post.


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