Golf and Fitness – A Personal Perspective

Over the years I have seen lots of stats and claims about the fitness benefits of golf. In April, as part of national golf day in the US, the following info graph made the rounds on social media.wag-infographic_2-edit_474x474

For us Canadians who have no clue what a mile is, it is about 1.6kms. So a 5 mile walk is just over 8kms.

Last Sunday I decided to find out for myself and started up my endomondo app on my galaxy S5 and galaxy gear fit watch to test out the claims. 2015-05-09 13-53-30

As you can see from above, it took me just over 4 hours to the walk 18 holes or 8.44km. I played the whites so the course length was right around 6,000 yards.

My calorie calculation was just over 1,500, but that is an estimate based on my height, weight and how long I was out doing the activity. My next attempt I am going to wear my heart rate monitor to get a more accurate reading of calories (any way you get it calories is always an estimate).

Lastly, my steps. I don’t have an hour by hour breakdown, but my total step count for the day was over 13,000. On a normal day I am around 5,000. So, I am thinking my round of golf was somewhere around 8,000.

And I shot 78 not bad for round 1.


If I take last year, I played 70 rounds, on which I probably walked 50-60%. The course length I normally play is a bit longer at 6,500 yards. So, at a minimum , last year I walked 295kms of golf, burned 53,000 calories (assuming I still burn some calories when I cart) and took 280,000 steps + steps took during cart rounds.

I think from a personal perspective, playing golf is certainly having a positive health benefit.

See you at the turn,



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  1. Golf is a excellent game which helps in weight loss and muscles tone up. The health and fitness benefits of playing golf include:
    • Cardiovascular workout: Any activity that leaves you slightly panting and works up some sweat is great for your cardiovascular system, which is exercising your heart and lungs. This further leads to the lowering bad cholesterol. At the same time it also helps to speed up your metabolism which in turn helps you to burn more calories and thus,,, resulting in excess weight loss.

    A game of golf burns approximately 300 calories in an averagely built person who plays for an hour while carrying his own golf clubs and equipment.

    • Building Strength and muscles tone up: Carrying your golf clubs and golf equipment yourself as a form of weight bearing exercise which further helps in building strength and muscle tone up.
    In my view everyone should enjoy the game they are playing. Fun element should be there. Find my golf helps you to connect with your compatible buddy to play round of golf so you can enjoy the game more.

  2. Aaron,
    Great article. I had to reblog because so many people thing golf is not good exercise….well we beg to differ!

  3. Reblogged this on The Grateful Golfer and commented:
    This is a great recap on how much exercise we actually get playing golf….What a fantastic workout routine! What do you think?

  4. Ian Hardie says:

    Excellent post Aaron, I have a suggestion for you when you get the heart rate monitor on next game – see if you can track the difference between you heart rate over an easy shot or early in the game and a tough shot or ones later in the round as you get tired and closer to ‘making a score’ – I’d be interested to know if you can find a differnce
    Play well
    Ian Hardie

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