Getting the Rust Off

Spring has finally sprung here in Eastern Ontario, although the “springness” of any given day is rather hit and miss (felt like -4 on my way to work this morning). While still a little chilly at times, the snow is gone and the local courses are pretty much all open now.

Last year at this time I was down in Binghamton, NY to start my season, this year the start is a little slower, but I have managed to get out to the range a couple of times and will a couple more before actually making it to the course.

As with most springs, my swing feels rusty, but, like riding a bike, it never completely left me over the winter.

Last weekend I took the time to capture some video of my range session. The one problem I consistently have is the flatness of my swing, something to focus on the next couple of weeks.

Just for fun, I slowed down a few swings, here is a 5 iron, with Rory hitting his 5 iron in slow motion below (slow mo starts at 33 seconds).

Back to the range this weekend,

See you at the turn,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron,

    Pretty good looking swing. It looks pretty consistent through all the clubs. Good luck working on fixing your flat swing. Keeps us informed as to how you fix it.


  2. Aaron,

    Looks like you are off to a great start this spring!


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