Getting Ready for the 2015 Golf Season

It’s snowing in Ottawa today (again), but with spring officially started I know the end is in site. I don’t mind winter, I enjoy pond hockey, and skiing and it wouldn’t be Christmas without the snow, but I am ready for spring. I am ready for the warmer weather, the longer days and especially the start of golf season.

2015 will be a bit of a different season for me as my wife and I welcomed a new baby boy into our lives this month. I also have some work commitments that will take me away from one of the events I normally play in July. As such, my biggest goal of the season will be to manage my expectations given my potentially limited number of rounds. Here are my objectives for 2015:

1. Play once a week

I am going to attempt to play 18 holes once a week. Considering I have averaged 65 rounds a season over the past 8 years, this will be an adjustment.

2. Keep index in single digits

As I said above, it will be a year of managing expectations. Going into the season I am sitting at an index of 5.4, but it would be naive to think I am going to improve or even maintain that given the circumstances.

3. Practice

I am not going to say practice more, just practice. This is actually a bit of an opportunity. In the past, given the option to play or practice I almost always chose to play, however, this year there are going to be days when playing is not an option, but getting out for an hour of practice might be.

4. Compete

I don’t try and hide the fact that I am an uber competitive guy. In a typical season I would play the three stop Flagstick Golf  BMG Series, a handful of Slammer Tour Events, OVGA Intersectionals, OVGA City & District and my club’s club championship. In 2015 I am spending most of July in Toronto for the 2015 Pan Am Games, which will be an incredible experience, but will mean I have to miss OVGA Intersectionals for the first time in 8 years. Being out of town in July will also impact Slammer Tour participation. Additionally, I have already decided to forgo the first BMG Cup Series event, and the City Championships.

There are two potential additional events that I may add to my schedule, both are Golf Town National Amateur Series events, one at Hidden Lake in Burlington in early July right before Pan Am Games, and one in August at Cabot Links, as a potential family trip to Cape Breton.

The two events I won’t miss are the Flagstick Open the last weekend of July, where I have finished 2nd in my flight two years in a row, and the Metcalfe Golf Club Championships which I haven’t won since 2010, and finished 2nd last year.

Obviously the entire season will be played by ear, so maybe none of the above will happen, but I like to think there will be a little time for golf this summer.

See you at the turn,






3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron,

    Congrats on the baby boy! I’m sure the time will come quickly when you guys are out on the course together practising! Sounds like you’ve got some realistic goals for the season. Especially when one isn’t as sharp as they’re accustomed to, it’s all about attitude to continue having fun. Look forward to hearing updates.


  2. Aaron

    Congrats on your new addition to the family. That is really exciting news! Your plan is a solid one considering your family commitments have just changed. Regardless, good luck in 2015 achieving all your goals.


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