My highly unlikely 2014 Christmas List

I normally have no problem coming up with a Christmas list of golf items, but this year I am a little stumped because there isn’t really any golf stuff I am pining for. However, there is never a shortage of new and interested golf related items on the market, so here is what I think are some of the great gift ideas for 2014 (for a much more thought out and executed list, check out Adam Stanley’s Pinterest board on the subject). I am taking the whole “gift” concept a little off the rails this year, what follows is more of a wish list of material goods as well as bucket list items.

    • Art
    • Travel
    • Swing Analyzer
    • Headphones
    • Golf Shoes

Golf Themed Art

There are a lot of great golf themed prints out there on the market. Lately I have had a likely for some of the Saturday Evening Post covers over the years, especially a few done by Normal Rockwell. Obviously personal taste is going to play a role here, but a couple I wouldn’t mind hanging in my house or my office.

Gone on Important Business by Norman Rockwell
Gone on Important Business by Norman Rockwell

A second piece of art I have always like is the below shot of a guy hitting a shot off the top of a skyscraper under construction called Tee Time.

TEE TIME Golf on a Skyscraper Girder Poster, RKO Building, New York, 1932 - Underwood & Underwood
TEE TIME Golf on a Skyscraper Girder Poster, RKO Building, New York, 1932 – Underwood & Underwood

 A Golf Vacation

Who doesn’t love a golf getaway and what a great Christmas gift that would be. These days there are a number of companies offering golf vacations to a number of destinations around the globe. Personally, as much golf as I play, I have never gone through a company to arrange any of my out of town, out of Province or out of Country golfing. It takes a little more work on your end, but I think it can save you some money (depending on where you are going).

Two trips of interest to me right now

1. Vegas. I almost don’t need to write anything else. I have played in Scotland, I have played in Irleand, I have played in just about every Province in Canada (your on my list Saskatchewan), but I haven’t played much in the states (New York and California so far). There are a number of spot in the US where I would love to play (Oregon, Arizona and Myrtle Beach to name a few), but I decided on Vegas for this post, mainly because of a tournament a buddy of mine was talking about a few weeks ago. The Duel in the Desert is a 54 hole 2 person team event that takes place on 3 Pete Dye designed courses at the Paiute Golf Club Resort . Flights to Vegas are relatively inexpensive from my neck of the woods and the tournament entry is $875 per player, shared room. The fee includes hotel, golf, welcome gift, lunch and a chance for prizes. It is sold out for 2015 and looks like a fun weekend.

2. Staying a little closer to home (still a flight, or long drive), a trip to Cape Breton, NS to play Cabot Links, Cabot Cliffs (opening 2015) and Highland Links has been on my list for a while and there has even been a few false starts on trip planning. Pricing various based on what you want to do and where you want to stay, but it wouldn’t be a cheap trip (more expensive than Vegas potentially).


Swing Analyzer (this might have been on last years list too)


There is not doubt about it and no sense hiding it, I am an electronics junky. I love my cell phone, I have jumped onto the whole activity tracker band wagon and on the golf course my range finder is never out of reach. In this sense a golf swing analyzer is a great gift for someone like me.

In another sense, I have never taken a lesson in my life (for better or worse) and as an almost completely self taught player (I was taught the proper grip and given one tip, keep your head down, thanks Dad) the idea of the type of feedback a swing analyzer can provide is intriguing.

2014 seemed like the year a million of these things hit the market and they range in price from not to bad to are you kidding me. I have read some good stuff about Arccos Golf, but that falls a little into the “are you kidding me” camp at $450 and doesn’t seem to be a swing analyzer as much as it is a stat tracker. I think something like Blast or 3Bays would be the product for me.

Wireless Headphone

s-JF4JAYBIRDFREEDOMSPRINTUCORD-largeI play a lot of golf by myself, I also like to listen to music, but have never really combined the two. I came across a few people last year who actually had music playing either through a bluetooth speaker or a small handheld radio attached to their golf bag. My preference would be for light, wireless, headphones so I can keep my music to myself and avoid the guaranteed tanglement that would result in trying to swing with traditional headphones. I actually had a pair a few years back, but took them back after a few days as they were a little too heavy and bulky to serve their purpose. I can’t say anything has jumped out as me in terms of a front runner, but there are lots on the market these days.

Golf Shoes

30100253_mainNo list of mine is complete without a pair of golf shoes (my wife is a little concerned that I have more pairs of shoes than she does). I have always been partial to Nike shoes, but FootJoy Contours have been the best shoes (not just golf shoes) I have ever owned, they fit like a glove, feel like a pillow and stand the test of time. I like to believe that the FootJoy DNA’s are a step up from the Contours, so sign me up.

Merry Christmas,

See you a the turn,



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