Even par 72 at Metcalfe Golf

This is dated, but thought I would share. Life has caught up with me these days and I just haven’t found the time to blog.

I joined Metcalfe Golf, just south of Ottawa in 2008. Since that time, I have played around 300 rounds there (conservative guess) and until a couple of weeks ago the closest I had come to perfection (otherwise known as par), was a couple of 73s and a handful of 75s.

October 18th, 2014 was a fairly nice fall day, but the golf course wasn’t super busy. I worked in the pro shop at Metcalfe until 5 and I knew that I had until about 7 to finish, so off I went. I was lucky course was dead as it allowed my to move quickly and get into a rhythm without having to wait for the group in front of me. As it was now fall and I wasn’t playing very much I decided it would probably be more enjoyable if I played from the whites, which played about 400 yards shorter than the blacks I would normally play.

The round started with an “oh boy” moment as I hit my tee shot short of the corner on the dog leg right par 4 opening hole (only needed to hit in 175 to get around the corner). The result was I had no shot to the green so had to lay up and take my chances with a pitch and a putt. The pitch was ok, the putt didn’t go home, bogey to start +1.

The second hole is one of the few holes that plays significantly easier from the whites. I drove one down the middle and hit a mid iron to the fringe, about 20 feet from the hole. An easy up and down, par on 2, +1 overall.

I hit a really decent drive on 3 that put a wedge in my hand for my approach and I didn’t disappoint, hitting to 2 feet. Birdie on 3, even for the round.

I tried to the smart shot off the tee on 4 (5 wood instead of driver) which back fired and left me 200 yards in. I hit one of the nicest hybrids I hit all year to the front fringe. I was lucky it was a front pin as well. An easy up and down for par, even through 4.

The 5th is a short par 3 and I actually hit my tee shot a little fat, but it managed to get on the green within 20 feet. I had a pretty straight, up hill putt that I drove right into the heart of the cup for my second birdie of the round, -1 after 5.

I don’t find the 6th a hard hole, but I never play it well. The long par 5 requires a good drive and a smart second shot to set yourself up for a 9 iron or wedge into the elevated green. It is the second shot that gets me every time. On this occasion I was down the middle off the tee, but shanked my 5 wood, leaving my 180 yards over trees for my 3rd.  My 3rd ended up in the trees I was trying to hit over. My 4th shot, 75 yards from the green, in the trees was one of the best scramble shots I have ever hit. I punched a 7 iron out that landed half way up the slope to the green and came to rest 15 feet from the pin. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good shot, but it was also lucky and more than I deserved on the hole. I didn’t make the putt, but walked away happy with a bogey. Even through 6.

The 7th is a medium length par 3. I pulled a 5 iron off the tee into the right green side bunker. The sand was damp and firm, which allowed me to pick it pretty clean and it turned into a fairly simple up and down for par. even through 7.

The 8th, a dog leg left par 4. My drive goes right down the middle, but I push a 8 iron into the right green side rough. I hit an ok chip, but make the 10 footer coming back to save par and stay even through 8.

The 9th was straight forward. Drive down the middle, wedge to middle of green and 2 putts for par. I finish the front with an even par 35.

The 10th  is a long par 5, not really reachable in two, but no major trouble if you can keep it down the middle. I hit 3 solid shots and 2 putts for a par to stay even through 10.

The 11th can be a pain in the butt if you go right or left. I was lucky that the tees were up on the day, saving me close to 50 yards . As with 10, I hit solid shots from tee to green, 2 putted and walked away even through 11.

The 12th is a reachable par 4, but most of the time the smart play is to lay up. I was hitting my driver well all day and I normally do hit driving on the hole, although I had never driven the green before. On this day I pull the drive ever so slightly and in the air the only 2 options are in comes down in the left hand trees, causing me to punch out and try for an up and down, or it carries the trees and I have an eagle putt. The golf gods were on my side as the ball sailed over the trees and landed just short of the green and rolled to 30 feet. It was an easy 2 putt for birder to take me to -1  after 12.

The worse hole of the day belongs to the short par 3 13th. As well as I was playing, I hit a hossel rockets off the tee, leaving me 100 yards to the green. My approach was short so I had to get up and down for bogey. It should have been straight forward but my chip was hot and came to a rest 15 feet from the hole. I made the putt of the round to salvage a bogey, back to even par for the day.

The 14th was an up and down par from the fringe after failing to capitalize on a drive down the middle that left me with a mere 75 yards to the hole. I walked away frustrated, but still even for the day.

The 15th is a short par 5, with a sharp dog leg right. One expects to have a decent chance at birdie on this hole. I hit a great drive to 230 yards and a hybrid up to 50 yards. I hit what I thought was a great pitch, only to watch it one bounce to the back fringe. I did make my up and down for par, once again frustrated at the missed opportunity.

Even par through 15 had me pretty motivated to stay focused for the final 3 closing holes. I have a tendency to fade near the end of a round, and the 16 – 18 at Metcalfe can be real ball busters if your not on your game. Case in point, I sprayed my drive right off the 16th tee and my second was in some deep rough. After hacking out of the rough I had about 60 yards to the green and I managed to leave my ball short. I had an uphill 30 footer from the fringe that didn’t go, a bogey on 16 and +1 for the day.

The 17th is a long par 3. I have my ups and downs with this hole and always have a bit of hesitation on the tee. I hit a great tee shot though and had a 20 footer for birdie. I missed the putt, but was happy to get out with  a par and remain at +1

The 18th shouldn’t be a hard hole, but more often than not I walk off the 18th with a bogey or worse. In 60 plus rounds in 2014 I had no birdies on the 18th at Metcalfe.  My drive was down the middle and my approach up to the 50 yard mark or so. Having left a few wedges short on the back 9 I sent this pitch flying to the back pin placement and was happy to see it come to rest 5 feet past the pin. I was looking at a 5 foot, downhill, straight(ish) birdie putt to shot even par, a personal best on my home course. I didn’t spend to much time reading it, I knew the putt needed to be hit firm to the back of the cup, do that and it was straight, miss the pace and you miss the putt. The putt was firm and just as dusk set in, the putt dropped. Birdie on 18 for an even par 72.

The 72 at Metcalfe goes down as my second best round, after the 71 I shot at Greyhawk Predator in 2012. 

See you at the turn,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron

    Congrats! I would consider your round a scramble round to success! It was if was walking beside you through the entire round. I be your #GAF (golf attitude factor) was through the roof after your round. Again congrats!


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Thanks Jim, it was just one of those days everything went my way

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