2014 BCC Open

BCC OpenThe third and final event of the 2014 BMG Cup was Sept 13 and 14 at the Brockville Country Club. This would be the last competitive event of my 2014 season and I was looking to put together two good rounds and hopefully get into the top 5 in my flight. Like the Flagstick Open in July, the BCC Open was a flighted event. Unlike the Flagstick Open, where I played in the C flight, I would be in B Flight due to the lower number of entries.

Due to a camping trip the week prior I hadn’t hit a ball in a couple days when I showed up Saturday morning. To compound that, it was cold and they were calling for rain most of the day. I felt pretty good on the range and practice green, but my day would not start well.

I 4 putted 1 and 2 and 3 putted 3, to start double, double, double. I would go out in 46. The crazy part is I actually hit the ball really well, hitting 86% of fairways and 56% of greens on the front 9. I managed to regroup for the back 9, but at this point it was simply damage control, my score was going to be high. As projected, it rained the entire day and as we came off the 13th green the rules official let us know that they were about to call us off the course since water was starting to puddle on the greens. After hitting my tee shot OB the horn blew. We decided to finish the hole we started (as is allowed), but I made double. I would head into the club house with 4 holes left, sitting 12 over for the day. In the end, the rain got heavier and by the time it stopped the course was unplayable. We would finish round 1 Sunday morning.

Sunday morning was cold, but dry. We started on the 15th tee at 8am. I opened with a bogey on the long par 3 and bogey on the tough 16th, but followed it up with pars on 17 and 18. My round one score was 14 over 86, which put my near the bottom of the leaderboard. I now had 2 hours to sit and stew until my round 2 tee time.

Sunday turned out to be a pretty nice day, the sun came out and it did warm up to the mid teens. Enough that I was able to play without a jacket for most of the day. Round 2 started much better than round 1. I made par at 1, bogey at 2, and sand save at 3. I had shaved 8 strokes off my score from round 1 to 2 through 3 holes. I would make the turn at 3 over. The back 9 turned into a bit of a struggle. While I had hit the ball really solid for 27 holes, I had struggled with the putter. As we made the turn for our final 9 holes, my ball striking ability seemed to disappear. I had 1 putts for bogey on 10 and 11 after poor drives, I only hit 2 fairways all 9. I would stumble in with a 5 over 40 on the back for an 8 over 80.  It wasn’t the score I was looking for, but I was comfortable with it, given how poorly I had putted.

I was disappointed in my two round total of 166, but the round 2 80 was my best score at Brockville in 4 rounds, so there was a silver lining. 166 put my in 9th place (of 14) in B Flight and T25 overall (of 62).

As we move into late Sept and Oct, I can see the end of golf season quickly approaching. A full review of my season will be in order in the coming months. For now I will try and squeeze in as many rounds as I can before the snow flies.

See you at the turn,




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  1. Aaron

    Your story really shows that taking some time off during golf season can be difficult. I with you about playing a few more rounds before it is too cold.


  2. Tough tournaments like this are some of the best learning experiences, way to grind it out! Good luck the rest of the season


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