2014 Flagstick Shootout Wrap Up

Last weekend was the 2014 Flagstick Shootout at Smuggler’s Glen in Gananoque, ON. The event, put on by Flagstick Golf Magazine has become one, if not the, top amateur spring event in Eastern Ontario. The Shootout is also the first event in the three event BMG Cup Series, along with the Flagstick Open and BCC Open.

Unlike the Flagstick Open and BCC Open the Shootout is an invitational event with no flights, only 72 players get in. This was my fourth year in the event and I was looking forward seeing how my game matched up with a tough course set up and some of the top players in the region.

In the past I have played relatively well, if unspectacular. I went into the weekend a little unsure about my game, more so than ever before. In a typical season I have my game in pretty good shape by this point, but this year I have watched my index soar from 4.7 to 7.7 and I haven’t really gotten to a comfortable place with my game. Needless to say I was a little nervous on the 1st tee.

Day 1 started quite well. I was feeling pretty good as I came into the par 5 18th (my 9th hole of the day) at 3 over. Unfortunately, I put a ball into a lateral hazard on my 3rd shot and end up with a  double. I moved over to the front 9 5 over for the day, but feeling ok. Things went from bad to good, to worse between the 18th green and the 1st green. The bad was the double on 18, the good was hitting to 5 feet for birdie on 1, the worse was realizing I hit the wrong ball from the fairway (2 stroke penalty). Back to back doubles left a bad taste in my mouth, and I played ok for the rest of the day finishing at 83.

After some mishaps on Day 1, I was eager to get back on the course and make up for it on Day 2. I started on the back 9 again and once again had a few mishaps and made the turn on 5 over 41. My back 9 started well with a birdie on 1 (played my own ball this time), but doubled 2. I went on to bogey 3, 3 putt bogey 4, bogey 5, par 6, birdie 7, par 8 and par 9 to come home in 39 for an 80.

A 163, gave me a T38, not quite top half of the field, but it was my lowest two day total in the event, so there was some positive to take away.

With the Shootout out of the way my focus shifts to the OVGA Intersectionals and to a lesser extent the Slammer Tour, where I need to make a push to get my ranking up.

See you at the turn,





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