Waiting on Golf Season

I enjoy the off season. When I take my clubs out of the car at the end of October I am ready for winter. I am ready for snowshoeing, hockey, skiing and squash.

The annual Ottawa Gatineau Golf Expo in early March always gets me thinking about golf season again. Normally, a couple weeks later the ranges open, followed by some courses in late March, early April. By mid April I am well on my way to getting my game in shape and by May the courses are in great shape and my game is ready for the season.

And then there is 2014. It is heading towards mid April and the ranges are just starting to open, which means we are about a month behind schedule. My course is looking to open April 25th, but that could be a little hopeful unless temperatures start to climb. Based on the snow we had this winter I am thinking May is going to be a wet month of golf.

This was the view from the house onto the street on March 22, 2014
This was the view from the house onto the street on March 22, 2014

Not sure what this all means for my game, maybe nothing as I have tried to adapt. In mid March I started hitting indoors. The other week I hit outside at the lone open driving range and this past weekend I got word that a range close to place was now open. At the end of April, when courses will start to open in Ottawa I am heading to New York state for a week of golf, they seem to be at least a couple weeks ahead of Ottawa. My hope is that I return from New York with a game well on its way to being ready for the Flagstick Shootout at the end of May.

First outdoor range session of the season at Kevin Haime's in Kanata.
First outdoor range session of the season at Kevin Haime’s in Kanata.

It rained pretty good this past week and it is suppose to warm up this weekend, which is good for the melt, starting to see some grass, maybe some courses opening in mid April, hope springs eternal. Watching the perfect conditions at The Masters this weekend is killing me!

See you at the turn,



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  1. I, like you, am waiting for golf season to start. It is time for this crazy weather to stop! What a crazy day two of the Masters! Can hardly wait until tomorrow.


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