That’s All Folks – Another Golf Season in the Books

I played 9 holes on October 30th without realizing it would be last round of the season. It was too bad I didn’t get many rounds in this fall, but work got really busy and I seemed to spend more time on the road than at home. I think it is safe to say now that my golf season is over.

In looking back at my season I thought I would focus on three main areas 1) competitive play 2) vacation golf and 3) season stats.

Competitive Play

My competitive season was quite busy, but a bit lacking at the same time. On one hand I played in the BMG Cup series (3 events), the Slammer Tour (played 7 events in the semi competitive local tour) and OVGA Intersectionals.  On the other hand, due to work commitments I missed out on my home course Club Championship and the OVGA City and District Championship in August.

Flagstick Open Logo_clrtournemant_logo_stripIn its second year (first with 3 events) the BMG Cup series was a great collection of golf tournaments. We started in the spring at Smuggler’s Glen at the Spring Shootout where I didn’t play great, but didn’t play horrible either. I met my goal of finishing in the top half of the field. In late July the second event took the series to eQuinelle in Kemptville, ON where I road a hot putter to a 2nd place in C Division. The series came to a conclusion in September at Brockville Country Club where I didn’t bring my A game, but was able to hang around the top 10 in B flight.


In my second year involved with the Slammer Tour I played in 7 events, and while I found most of play disappointing, I did manage to be together a couple good rounds and peaked on the rankings at number 3.

The highlight of my season was undoubtedly the OVGA Intersectionals.The event always seems to bring out the best in my game and this year was no different. Playing in the #1 spot for Metcalfe I was heavily out gunned on paper, but played one of the best rounds of my year (maybe ever) shooting a 74 with 5 birdies. While I only took 2 of 6 points, I did take 2013 OVGA Match Play Champion Kurtis Barkley to 18 holes before losing 1 down.

Vacation Golf

There was really only one trip this summer that involved golf.

After a busy July and August in which I saw very little of my wife, we decided to take a trip out west and spend a week exploring Whistler and Vancouver.

Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club
Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club

We played two rounds on the trip, Mayfair Lakes in Vancouver and Squamish Valley in Squamish. Both were excellent rounds at nice courses.

Late in the season I also managed to get a couple of rounds in St.Thomas while visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.

Season Stats

I keep all my stats at

Rounds played: 57 (includes both 18 and 9 hole rounds). This is lower than 2012, but it makes sense since I didn’t play at all for 3 weeks in August and then not much in late Sept through end of October.

Scoring Average: 79.6. This was virtually the same as 2012.

Handicap Index: Season started in April at 5.8, but quickly went up into the 6’s. By mid July I was sitting at 6.6 and it wasn’t looking great. Things turned around after that and I had a great second half of July and then a decent couple of weeks in late August /early Sept. My season ended with my index at an all time low of 4.7, a full stroke lower than were I started the season.

Fairways Hit: I hit 56% of fairways in 2013, up 5% from 2012. My misses were basically even between left and right. My general feeling (with no evidence to show) is that I cut down on the number of big misses I had in 2013 compared to 2012.

Greens in Regulation: I hit 47% of greens in regulation in 2013, up 4% from 2012. I think this is a direct result of driving the ball more accurately.

Putts per Hole: I averaged 1.76 putts per hole in 2013, the only skill stat from 2013 to go up from 2012 (1.68). It will need to be an area of focus next spring.

And with that, it is curtain call on my 2013 golf season. I am off to the squash courts until the snow melts.

See you at the turn,



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  1. Aaron
    Sounds like your season was alright! We seem to have similar stats. So what are you going to do to get ready for next year?

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