Competitive Season Wrap up – BCC Open

bccopen_bmg_logo1Last week I wrapped up my competitive season in Brockville at the Flagstick BCC Open (Brockville Country Club), the third leg of the Flagstick BMG Cup Series.

Going into the event I was sitting in 13th in the BMG Series, after a mid pack showing in the spring at the Flagstick Shootout and a second place (C Flight – 5.1 – 10.0 handicap) at the Flagstick Open in July. I was playing in B Flight (3.1 – 6.0 handicap) at the BCC and it would take a perfect storm if I was to have a chance to win the overall BMG series, given that those who finished top 10 overall received bonus point towards the standings.

Having not played Brockville Country Club before I was a little hesitant on Saturday, but quickly got into a groove going 1 over through 7. A chunked chip on 8 lead to a bogey and a missed 2 footer on 9 meant I made the turn in 3 over 40 (par 37 on front).

I was feeling pretty good going to the 10th tee, but the back 9 didn’t go as smoothly. I started with a bogey on 10, then missed a 2 footer for par on 14, made a 3 putt double on 16, a 3 putt bogey on 17 and a bogey on 18 for a 6 over 41 (par 35) on the back. While I wasn’t  very pleased with my play an 11 over 81.

While I didn’t play very well I wasn’t completely out of it, after day 1 I was sitting in a tie for 10th.

Day 2 started with a pulled drive, pulled fairway wood and missed 2 footer for a bogey. They day didn’t get much better or worse than that. I made the turn at 5 over 42, which included bogeys on 8 and 9 for the second day in a row.

The back 9 was about as up and down as the previous 27 holes with par on 10, bogey on 11, pars on 12 and 13, bogeys on 14 and 15 and then a double on 16 for the second day in a row. I followed the double with a par on 17 and a bogey on 18. I stumbled into the clubhouse with a 83. 

My two day total was 164, not horrible, but nothing to write home about. I finished in 9th in B flight and not sure in the BMG Cup Series, but likely stayed in the top 20, but not likely the top 10.

That’s a wrap on my 2013 competitive season. I will try and follow up with a recap of the season in the coming weeks.

See you at the turn,



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