2013 OVGA Intersectionals

Last weekend was the OVGA Intersectionals in Ottawa, which is a city wide club event where 10 players per club compete in match play against 10 players from 3 other clubs. There are sections A through Q, my club, Metcalfe Golf, competes in section I.

For the second year in a row, we hosted our section (based on finishing 2nd the year prior). and in would be welcoming 3 other local courses to Metcalfe for the day, Cedar Glen, Emerald Links and Upper Canada. Cedar Glen finished 3rd in 2012 and therefore stayed in section I, which Upper Canada moved into by winning section J and Emerald Links by finishing last in section H.

2013 is my 6th year on the Metcalfe Golf team, and I have moved up in playing position in each of those 6 years, making it to the number 1 spot this year, which meant I would play the best players from the other 3 clubs. When I saw the indexes of the other 3 players I am not sure I wanted to be in the number 1 spot. The individual from Cedar Glen, fresh off winning the city match play championship plays to a +1.2 , the individual from Upper Canada is on a golf scholarship in the states and plays to a 0.3 and the player from Emerald Links is only a 4 (only!). I on the other hand play to a 6.

While it is a competitive event, all 3 guys I played with were easy to get along with (I didn’t know anyone them at the start of the day), which always make the day go be quicker, when in reality it is going by really slowly (pace of play was a little over 5 hours).

WARNING – If you don’t want to read a hole by hole account of the day you can stop here and skip to the last paragraph.

The day started as most of my rounds do, with a bogey, luckily 3 other guys made bogey as well, so not so bad of a start.

2 was a routine par, down the middle on the green, two putts. Upper Canada (UP) made a nice birdie, Cedar Glen (CG) made a par and Emerald Links (EL) made 5. I am even with CG, EL and 1 down UP through 2.

On 3 things get rolling, I make a 10 footer for birdie, but so does CG!  UP makes his  par and EL takes a bogey. I am 1 up EL and even CG and UP.

On 4 I get into a little trouble off the tee, hit a crappy chip and make bogey. UP makes another birdie, CG and EL make pars. 1 down to CG and UP, even with EL.

I make an especially poor bogey on the par 3 5th, everyone else makes par. 2 down to CG and UP, 1 down to EL.

6 is a mess and I make a double. 3 down to CG and UP , 2 down to EL.

At this point things are starting to look bleak. I am 4 over through 6, which isn’t horrible, but these guys don’t miss much.

On the par 3 7th I hit a tee shot a bit left and end up on the fringe with a 25 footer up hill that I drain for a birdie. 2 down to CG and UP, 1 down to EL.

The 8th is one I would like back. I hit the fairway, hit the green and 3 putt from 35 feet for bogey. Luckily, CG also makes bogey. 2 down to CG and EL, 3 down to UP.

On the 9th I hit my worse drive of the day, but manage to get to 20 feet on the fringe and drain another birdie. 1 down CG and EL, 2 down UP.

I go out in +3 38, which is about as good as it gets for me, and I am down in all matches!

I make a routine par on the par 5 10th. UP gets into trouble and I get one back from him. 1 down to all through 10..

I make an up and down on 11 and get one back from CG and EL, still 1 down to UP.

On the short par 4 12th I get real lucky. My tee shot heads left, but hits a tree and kicks out onto the fairway 100 yards from the green. I take advantage and hit one to 15 feet and make my birdie. 1 up on CG and EL, even with UP.

On the par 3 13th I hit one to a foot, but both CG and UP drain 30 footers to halve the hole. 2 up on EL, 1 up on CG, all square with UP.

I get into a little trouble on 14 and have to hit my second off some deadpan, which lead to a bogey. 1 up on EL, All square with CG, 1 down to UP.

On the short par 5 15th I am 3 shots to 10 feet and drain my birdie. CG nearly makes his eagle and settles for birdie. UP and CG make their pars. All square with CG and UP, 2 up on EL.

On 16 I am 20 feet below the hole in 2, along with CG, UP is out of the hole and EL is 8 feet above the hole with a very quick downhill putt for birdie. While CG and I make our pars, EL’s birdie putt is center of the cup. 1 up on EL and UP, All square with CG.

I push my tee shot on the par 3 17th and make bogey, everyone else makes par. 1 down to CG, All square with EL and UP.

It all comes down to the par 5 18th. With the tees forward it is reachable in 2. 5 points are still on the board. Off the tee CG and I are right down the middle, with about 240 left to the green. UP pulls his drive behind a rock and is forced to punch out to 200 yards. EL hits a great drive, but snaps his second into the right hand trees. Both CG and I hit our seconds just short of the green. Up next is UP who hits his 200 yard approach to 5 feet. EL punches out and plays on, he has 15 feet for par. CG is up first in nearly chips in, he has a tap in birdie. I run my chip about 5 feet past, which means my match with CG is over. EL misses his putt and taps in for a 6. UP, cool under pressure knocks his in for birdie. I have 5 feet for birdie and 3 points (1 win, 1 lose, 1 tie). I hit my worst putt of the day, it never had a chance. I tap in for par and 2 points.

Final box score:

Metcalfe vs Cedar Glen 2 down

Metcalfe vs Upper Canada 1 down

Metcalfe vs Emerald Links 1 up.

Total 2 out of 6 points.

imageWhile I didn’t contribute many points to me team it was tough to be upset with a performance like that. I shot 74, my best round of the season, and lost 2 of the 3 matches.  These guys are good.

My club ended up finishing 2nd again to Upper Canada. Cedar Glen was 3rd and Emerald Links 4th. Since they only let you host 2 years in a row, we are off to Cedar Glen next year, while Upper Canada moves up and Emerald Links moves down.

Another year of Intersectionals is over. My career record is now 12-6 and if you count Kingston Intersectionals where I played for the Executive Golf Team it is 14-6-1.

See you at the Turn,



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  1. Brewcee

    Shot 74 and lost…ouch! Sounds like you held your own, but came up against a team that was just a little bit better…such is the way of golf. Your intersectionals sound awesome….wish we had something like that around North Bay. Thanks for sharing.


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