Stumbling into July

I go through it every year, I am sure most golfers, professional and amateur alike go through it (it is all relative of course) every year. A slump.

Typically, mine hits near the 3rd week of July, right after Intersectionals and lasts to the second/third week of August. I normally find it is my golf game telling me I need a break, take a minute and regroup. I tend to come out of the slump in time for club championships, but not always.

This year my slump has come early, and is less a slump of results and more a slump of consistency. My scores are yo-yo’ing all over the place, 79 one day, 87 the next, 78 the next, etc. It is frustrating.

Stats – June 1 – 22 (11 rounds) vs June 23 – July 8 (10 rounds)

Scoring average – 78.7 vs 81.2

Handicap – 5.8 vs 6.6

Fairways hit – 47% vs 62%

Putts – 1.74 vs 1.79

GIR – 47% vs 44%

My assumption before looking at the stats is that my putting has been garbage, but the stats suggest otherwise. While putting is not good, it hasn’t gotten much worse the past 2 weeks.

It is interesting that I am hitting way more fairways, but less greens. Which suggests at least part of what is going on is my iron play. To confirm I look at my GIRs on par 3s, since I hit an iron on almost all par 3s. This shows the complete opposite of what I was looking for, I am actually hitting slightly more greens on par 3 now then I was 3 weeks ago (44% vs 46%).

So the answer is not par 3s, what about par 5s, where one would typically make their birdies, maybe that is the issue. This sheds some light, 3 weeks ago I was hitting par 5s in regulation 66% of the time, now 58% of time, which certainly leads to more bogeys.


When I look at par 4s I see a GIR of 41% vs 39%, slightly lower, but probably not significant.

If I look at scoring per hole, I see that my par 3 scoring has gone from 3.2 to 3.4, slightly up. Par 4s show 4.6 vs 4.6, so no change there. Par 5s shows a change of 5.1 to 5.4, another slight change.

Part of my conclusion is I need to hit more GIR, and to do this I need to hit my irons better.

The remaining conclusion is I need to get better when I miss greens.  June 1 – 22 I averaged 2.8 up and downs per round, while June 23 – July 8 that number drops to 1.1 up and downs per round. The last few rounds I seem to have gotten a little better with the wedges around the green, so hopefully this continues.

This weekend is OVGA Intersectionals and I am hoping to bring my A game. I will likely take a couple of days off to regroup before going hard the last few days before the event.

See you at the turn,




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  1. Brewcee

    I hear you brother! Slumps happen to me at least once a year, mine is usually in late June. Recently, I have scored very well and was one over today. It is all about the putting for me. Good luck at OVGA Intersectionals this weekend. Hit them straight and putt them sure!


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