Anderson Links

My dad was in town last weekend and we headed out to Anderson links. I had only played Anderson once before and while it is not a very difficult course, I enjoyed it and was looking forward to seeing it again. An added incentive to go back was the opening of a new 9 last fall.

Despite the poor weather forecast the rain held off for the most part and the overcast kept the crowds away. We were able to play in 3 hours.

Although a little soggy (it rained for 3 straight days before we played) the course was in good shape. We played the East course first, which was the front 9 of the original 18. All 3 9s on the course feature 3 par 3s, 3 par 4s and 3 par 5s. All the par 3s on the East course were pretty much the same length (around 150 from the whites). I wouldn’t call the course boring, but it does get a bit repetitive. The greens were in great shape, rolled at a decent pace and true.

Our back 9 was on the South Course, which is the new 9 and a little dryer than the East was.  The South 9 also offered 3 par 3s, 3 par 4s and 3 par 5s , but seemed to provide a little more variety with some dog legs and risk/reword holes. The 9 was built on a former farmer’s field so didn’t have much tree coverage. The greens of the South course had been recently punched, which made putting a little bumpy.

While I would typically play the back tee’s I played the whites with my Dad on this occasion, which meant some really short par 5s. Even with the short, relatively open course, I didn’t play great, shooting 77 with 36 putts.

4th Hole of East Course
4th Hole on East Course
7th Hole of East Course
9th Hole of East Course
5th Hole on South Course (new 9)
9th Hole at South Course (new 9)
I have no clue what hole this is, somewhere on the South Course (new 9)

See you at the turn,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Titfortat says:

    I played par for 12 of the first 14 holes recently. Unfortunately I went 8 over on the final four. See you on Saturday, hopefully I get paired with you and take your #4 ranking. 😉


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Lucky for me, you can only take my #5 ranking now thanks to Crenshaw beating chef yesterday, LOL.

  2. Aaron

    Brings back great memories of Ottawa! Although I never played Anderson, I have played a few courses in the area. Mostly Highlands out by the airport! Sounds like you had an awesome time with your dad. Cherish them….they are priceless!


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