Metcalfe Golf Intersectional Try-Outs

After taking a few days off following the Flagstick Shootout I was back at it last weekend for the Metcalfe Golf Intersectional Team Try-Outs.

For those unaware, the Intersectionals are a city wide event where all OVGA member courses are divided into sections and compete in 10 man match play. The winner of a section moves up, the loser moves down, second and third place stay put, with second place hosting the following year. The Metcalfe men’s team has been in section I for the past 3 years, hosting in 2012 and going to host in 2013.

At Metcalfe we select our team based on taking a players best 2 out of 3 try-out round scores, based on a modified stableford format (1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie and 5 for eagle). In order to make it accessible for everyone we hold 6 dates that players can choose 3 from. The first weekend of the try-outs were during the Flagstick Shootout, so last weekend was my only chance to get my rounds in.

I was first group off on Saturday with 3 other “A” players and we all pushed each other pretty good for 18 holes. Through the front 9 I was 4 over and had 14 points. I really got hot on the back 9 with 7 pars, a bogey and a birdie for an event par 37 and 18 points. My Saturday total was 32 points. My playing partners put together respectable 31, 28 and 26 points.

Sunday morning I woke to rain and when I arrived at the course there were some questioning whether we would play or not. In the end we tee’d off in the rain, but within a couple of holes the rain had stopped and a few holes later the sun even made an appearance. I played more or less the same as Saturday, going 5 over on the front and then coming back with an even par back 9. My Sunday total was 31 points. My player partners didn’t fair as well, going 22 points and 8 points.

With my two day total at 63 points it would be enough to secure a spot on the team, so chose not to play a 3rd round. As I would out earlier this week my 63 points were the highest of anyone trying out. 2013 will be the 6th year in a row that I play for Metcalfe at Intersectionals.

See you at the turn,



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  1. Brewcee

    Congrats! It sounds like a fun event to participate in…63 points is great for two rounds. I guess since you have the lowest score you will be the team captain?


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Thanks Jim. No, our club captain will be captain of the team, but based on handicap I will play in the number 1 spot (assuming I am still low index in a month when the even takes place).

      1. Well good luck, there is extra pressure playing in the number one spot. I will be interested to hear how it worked out.


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