Flagstick Shootout Preview


It is still raining in Ottawa, day 3 now, and the Flagstick Shootout kicks off tomorrow (I have a 10:30am tee time). I have to assume it has also been raining at Smuggler’s Glen in Gananoque as well (2 hours south, along the St.Lawrence). The good news is there is no rain in the forecast for Saturday and even Sunday has turned the corner after looking like it was going to be a rainy day.

Even with two dry days of play, the 3 days of rain prior are likely to leave the course wet. The crew there does such a great job that I have no doubt the greens will be firm and quick, but there is only so much that can be done with a soaked fairway. I don’t expect the course to be as wet as it was in 2011 (standing water on some holes), but I do expect it to be wet enough to make the course play long. From the black tees, the course plays a little over 6500 yards, which is pretty much in my wheel house for course distance, but the wet fairways will stretch my game for sure.

The 2011 Leaderboard. I was 5th in B flight. The Shootout is no longer flighted and my name is long gone off the leaderboard.

What does all this mean to my game? In 2011, playing the course wet I had a two day total 164 (84, 80) and was generally happy with my play (considering I played the course blind in round 1 since I didn’t have a practice round).  Last year, in dry conditions I had a two day total of 167 (88, 79), and besides the 18th hole of round 1, I hit the ball really well. In a nut shell, the wet conditions didn’t have a negative impact on my game. A wet course will mean a lot more long irons and hybrids into greens, and in the case of the 15th hole a fairway wood, but I am ok with that.

The 18th. I got into a little trouble here during the 2012 event

Overall, its a tough course, that is generally set up tough, but fair, for the Shootout. There are a couple of holes I will take my licks on, and a couple holes I need to take advantage of to score well, but that is no different than any other course I play.

My goal is top half of the field (top 36) and to set an event personal best for my two day total (beat 164). If I can get off the tee, make a few putts and avoid big numbers I am confident both goals will be within reach.

Par 5 4th.
Par 4 3rd (event plays it as the 12th)

Wish me luck,

See you at the turn,



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  1. Oopps…I meant Aaron, Sorry!


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      No problem, get it all the time.

      Tournament went well, will have recap up today,


  2. Bruce

    I hope the shootout was fun and you played well!


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