36 Holes in 3 Hours

My wife says my posts should include more photos. She is probably right, but when you play 36 holes in 3 hours (9 holes in the rain), there really isn’t time to stop and smell the roses, or take pictures for the matter.

Yesterday was a perfect day for golf in my opinion. It had rained most of the day here in Ottawa, and was still raining off an on when I got to the course (Metcalfe Golf) at 5pm. Why did I consider it a great day for golf you may ask? Simple, because it scares everyone away, leaving the course wide open! The icing on the cake was a little bit of thunder in the distance on my front 9, anyone sane still on the course at that point likely departed.

The first 18 didn’t go so well. I had 2 doubles on the front 9, along with 2 three putts. While I felt like I was hitting the ball a bit better on the back 9, my score didn’t indicate as such. I went out in 42 and home in 42 for a frustrating 84. The bright side was it had only taken me 1:40 to play and I still had roughly 2 hours left of sunlight.

I tee’d of my second 18 at 6:45pm and my game had magically turned around. I went out in 37 (7 pars and 2 bogeys) and came home in 40 (2 birdies a bogey and a double) for a +5 77. My only real hiccup of the 18 was a double bogey on my 36th hole of the day.

Overall it was a decent day, I was little rusty,  it took my 9 holes to get into any type of rhythm off the tee, and my putting was not sharp at all, although when you play 36 holes in 3 hours you don’t spend a whole lot of time lining putts up properly.

I was really happy to get 36 in yesterday as I was rained (stormed) out on Tuesday evening and my Flagstick Shootout prep was lacking. The forecast is pretty crappy today as well, but going to head out and see how many I can play.

See you at the Turn,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. rossdstarkey says:

    Did you carry or use a golf cart?

    1. aaronrbruce says:

      In a cart as a single. Walking with no one else on the course adds about 30min to my time.

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