A Month In

Well it’s just about 1 month into the golf season here in Ottawa. While I haven’t played as much as I like I have gotten out for 6 rounds, as well as 2 9 hole rounds.

My home course, Metcalfe Golf is in exceptional shape, especially when one considers the shape of many of the area courses, it was a hard winter for many, but nothing a little warmth and water won’t fix (hopefully).

As was to be expected, my first couple of rounds were a little shaky, I opened my season with an 84 at Metcalfe, and followed that up with a crazy 87 at Gatineau. After getting my feet wet I have settled into some decent play with 3 rounds in the 70s (75, 78, 77) and one in the low 80s (82) all at Metcalfe. I have also managed to get in some practice, which will hopefully have a positive impact on my game.

Coming up this week will be 3 rounds and some practice in anticipation for the Flagstick Spring Shootout this weekend at Smuggler’s Glen in Gananoque, ON. It will be my 3rd year in the event, an event that I have generally played well in, minus one hole last year. My goal will be top half of the field.

I will follow up the Shootout with a Slammer Tour event at eQuinelle, and then the following weekend will be Try Outs for the Metcalfe Golf OVGA Intersectional team.

It is going to be a busy couple of weeks of golf that should set the stage for the rest of my season.

See you at the turn,



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