Start of 2013 Golf Season

While a couple of courses opened in the Ottawa region this past weekend (list here from Flagstick golf magazine), I resisted the temptation to hit the links. For one, the conditions are not likely to be that great, and two last year I put a real emphasis on starting the season with a solid month of practice before getting into the routine of playing. During the summer I play a lot, and since I enjoy playing way more than practicing, I find it hard to convince myself to practice when I can play 54 holes or more a week. As such, I try to give myself a good foundation in the spring with lots of practice.

Today it was chilly and wet in Ottawa, but with nothing else going on around the house I thought it would be a good day to hit the range.

There was still snow on the ground, but it felt really good to get some swings in. I hit a couple of snap hooks and a few hosel rockets, but generally the session went well. I even managed to get some video of my swing.

The voice in the video is a random guy set up beside me who talked my ear off the entire time. It was a little annoying that he didn’t stop talking to let me swing, but generally he was decent company.

In addition to getting to hit some balls, I also got to wear my new Under Armour Storm Cold Gear golf pants today. They are super comfortable, look like a normal golf pant, but have an extra layer of warmth and are water proof. I saw these last year at SportCheck for around $100, I picked them up at the Under Armour outlet in Waterloo, NY for $25.

My new Under Armour Storm Cold Gear golf pants

Another golf season has begun,

See you at the turn



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  1. Aaron

    The courses in North Bay are not open yet, nor are any of the practice facilities. Hopefully, next week when the temperature goes above zero over night. Also, we are forecasted for 5-10 centimetres on Friday.


    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Yeah it looks like we might get some snow here on Friday as well. Spring really is having a touch time breaking through this year.

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