Another Holiday Season in the Books

Christmas and New Years are now behind us. It is only a matter of time before the snow starts to melt and driving ranges open and then the courses open. I, of course, have simplified this given the fact that there is about 50 cm of snow on the ground in Ottawa right now, and even after a bit of a thaw that is coming I am sure there will still be 15cm. But you get the point, golf season is just around the corner.

Each year, Christmas and subsequently boxing week is the time of the  year where I accumulate most of the golf merchandise. Some things I have been looking at for the past year and finally pulled the trigger with them on sale, other items I didn’t even know I wanted until I unwrapped them from under the tree. 2012 was no different for the most part. The one big contract between Christmas 2012 and previous years was the number of golf shirts I picked up.

Having worked at a golf course for the past 5 summers I had an abundance of golf shirts, all with the Metcalfe Golf and Country Club logo on them. I don’t mind having the logo on my shirts, but I was getting tired of it being on all my shirts (literally). Also, one of the companies my course dealt with, Antigua, never had any men’s small available. So, in addition to having all my shirts with the course logo on them, they were also all a bit big on me.

Near the end of the golf season I went through  my shirts and got rid of a lot of them, so I had some space in my closet. I purchased a few Callaway and Adidas shirts on end of season clearance and didn’t think much of it.

Then Christmas came and I ended up with 5 new shirts;SAM_0003

  • 2 Nike Golf Shirts
  • 1 Under Armour Shirt
  • 1 Mike Weir Shirt
  • 1 Callaway Shirt

I am happy that I finally have some shirts that fit properly and don’t have the Metcalfe logo on them.

In addition to the golf shirts I also picked up a few other items over the holidays

Nike VR Pro 4 wood
Nike Hat
Nike Towel/Rain Hood
Nike Toque

It was another good holiday season for new golf gear, can’t wait to get out on the course with it

See you at the turn,



One Comment Add yours

  1. Aaron

    The toque makes me laugh. I am in North Bay and can completely understand the requirement for a toque to golf in Canada.


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