A New Year with New Goals

With my golf season coming to an end in Oct I had posted my season wrap up a couple months back, but with the hours counting down in 2012 it seemed like a good time to quickly revisit and look towards 2013.

  • My game in 2012 took another step forward, which was welcomed after my game went to shit in late 2011.
    • Took 4 points at OVGA Intersectionals
    • Finished 2nd in Club Championships posting 2 solid rounds (78, 76).
    • Took 5 points at OGA Kingston Intersectionals
    • Lowered handicap to 5.8.
  • Although I had a successful 2012 there were still some disappointments.
    • Although I played 35 great holes of golf I had probably the worst golf hole of my life when I took an 11 on the 18th hole of round 1 at the Flagstick Shootout in May.
    • Two good rounds wasn’t good enough to win club championships. I will have to be better in 2013.
    • Off the tee I was awful for much of the year, will need to be a focus in the spring.
    • I still struggled with consistency throughout 2012.

My 2013 goals will remain similar to past years:

  • Practice more!!!!
  • Make Metcalfe Golf OVGA Intersectional Team with highest number of points
  • Hit at least 60% of fairways (51% in 2012)
  • Hit at least 50% of greens (43% in 2012)
  • Get putts per hole down to 1.6 (1.68 in 2012)
  • Get scoring average down to 79 (79.5 in 2012)

2013 will be a shortened season for me as I will be away for work the month of August. As such, there will be no club championship for me in 2013, which is unfortunate, but the reality of being an amateur.

Over the coming months I will be looking to plan out my schedule, and will surely have a post once I get it figured out.



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  1. Hey, those pitting Stts aren’t horrible! Combine that with more GIR and I think 5.8 is certainly attainable. Plus, if you hit more fairways…..the GIR’s are easier, no? Good luck, my friend.

    1. aaronrbruce says:

      Thanks Rick,

      Yeah I am happy with where my putting is at, but need to get my GIRs up.

      I started last year at 7.3, got it down to 5.8. For 2013 I am hoping to get down to sub 5.

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