How will proposed rule 14 -1b affect your golf game?

I find everything easier to understand when it is visual. The USGA put out this great infograph today to help explain the new rule. Just about every blog I have come across is using this visual, but I have no issue with not being unique.

I am pretty indifferent about this rule and I don’t think it is really going to have an impact on the average golfer, but I suspect the professionals and high level amateurs who are anchoring (i.e. using the long putters) are not happy today. At my club, there are maybe one of two guys who use the long putter, and I don’t see them changing regardless of the official rules.

The one thing I did find interesting about the announcement is that the proposed rule does not appear to be based on a performance analysis of whether using the long putters is actual an advantage. I think most of the guys who switched to the long putter did so because they were terrible with the traditional putter (relatively of course), so in  most cases the long putter only made them a decent, but not out of this world, putter. Of course that is a guess on my part, I would have to see the stats.

What are everyone’s thoughts?


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