Season Wrap Up

With less than a week left in the official golf season for the Ottawa region (Golf Canada handicap season ends Oct 31) its about that time to look back and see what I accomplished this year.

The 8th Green at Metcalfe on October 28th, 2012

Taking a look back to April I had set out a plan for my tournament schedule. Right off the bat I can say I didn’t stick to the plan. As happens for us non professional golfers (or non Professional Amateur Golfers) life tends to get in the way sometimes. So, between work commitments and available cash I didn’t have the competitive golf season I was hoping for. Here is what I did play

  • Flagstick Shootout at Smuggler’s Glen
The 18th at Smugglers Glen, home of the Flagstick Shootout
  • Besides an 11 on the 18th hole of round one I played pretty good (88, 79) and might have been in the prizes in C Flight had I not lost 3 balls of the tee on 18 during round 1.
  • OVGA Intersectionals
    • While I didn’t score well I made the shots I needed to make and took 4 of 6 points.
    • The Metcalfe team finished 2nd again and will host in 2013.
  • Slammer Tour

    #9 at Cedarhill from July Slammer Tour event
  • Managed to play in 3 Slammer Tour events, Outaouais, Cedarhill and Metcalfe. I played ok and Outaouais and Cedarhill and really poorly at Metcalfe. I won some matches and lost some matches. I enjoyed the experience and hope to play more next year.
  • Metcalfe Club Championships
Getting my low net award at Metcalfe Club Championships
    • Played extremely well, but came up against some tough competition. Shot 78, 76 and finished 2nd by 3 strokes.
  • Kingston Intersectionals

    • A last minute addition to my schedule. I played very well shooting 75 and taking 5 of 6 points. The Executive Golf team also won, which was cool to be part of. Will definitely try to qualify for this again.

The events I missed out on that I had really wanted to play were the OVGA City and District and the Brockville Country Club Open. Both events ended up conflicting with work.

As for 2013, it will pretty much be a write off as I am out of town on business for a month, mid July to mid August.

Outside of tournament play I had a pretty good year.

  • I played 76 rounds of golf in 2012, 54 18 hole rounds and 22 9 holes rounds. My lowest score was a 73 (Metcalfe 9 hole twice) and my highest a 89 (1st round of season at Metcalfe).
  • I went into the 2012 season with a factor of 7.3 and will come out with a factor of 5.8. I am happy with the improvement. I was sitting at a 5.3 a couple weeks ago but 3 scores from the white tees at Metcalfe (80,82,80) bumped some better scores out. Fortunately, I went out and fired a 75 during my last round, putting me where I am now.
  • I hit 51% of fairways in 2012, which was down from 58% in 2011.
  • I hit 43% of greens in reg in 2012, which was same as stat from 2011.
  • My putting improved slightly in 2012 at 1.68 strokes per hole compared to 1.78 in 2011.
  • My scoring average in 2012 was 79.5, which was down from 80.0 in 2011.

See you at the turn,



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