Golf Town Demo Event

Looks like the annual Golf Town demo sale gets going on Saturday November 3rd. 

I can’t say I have ever found any particularly good deals at this event, but always fun to go see what they are getting rid of. Personally, I find the annual clearance event has more to offer and I always seem to walk away with something during that sale.

2 years ago I waited in line (yes in line) to get into the first day of the demo event and walked away with a new set of irons and a pair of golf shoes. Only problem was neither were part of the demo event and I could have picked them up any day.

EDIT: Received my email today. Doors open for Leaderboard members at 8am on Saturday.  I also noticed that I haven’t received anything saying Leaderboard members get first shot at the sale like in the past, if so, this is too bad as it was a nice perk.


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