A Quick 36 on a Fall Afternoon

Courses hate it when the predicted weather is bad and it turns out to be good. People see the bad forecast and make other plans, so when it does turn out nice, the golf course is still not busy, even though it should be.

I on the other hand, love it when this happens.

Case in point, as late as this past Friday night they were calling for a Saturday of all day showers. As such, when I showed up at Metcalfe to open the pro shop Saturday morning I was greeted with a tee sheet of  no more than 9 groups for the entire day. As the weather changed we did pick up a few late bookings and walk on’s, but nothing like it could have been had the correct weather been predicted.

It is not the resulting slow day in the pro shop that I enjoy, but rather the post work round(s) of golf.

Today I was able to get out of the pro shop around 2pm and headed out with a cart for an afternoon 18. I played the front 9 in about 1:30, but picked up the pace on the back 9, finishing in an hour. I didn’t play particularly well, shooting an 82. I struggling with my mid irons all round and other than a birdie on 18, didn’t do anything to write home about.

I finished up 18 around 4:45pm and sensing it might be one of the last nice days of the year decided I would play a couple more holes, just until dusk. Luckily for me the course (front 9 at least) was deserted and I made it through 14 holes in about an hour. Unfortunately I caught up to a group on 15, but I was able to finish, just in time, as darkness fell. I played slight better, but not really, shooting an 80.

Both rounds I really struggled on the front 9, going 6 over during the first round and 7 over the second. The good news is I played the back 9 at 1 over on the second round, with 8 pars and a bogey.

Some pictures from a perfect fall day

2nd Hole at Metcalfe Golf
8th Hole at Metcalfe Golf
3rd Hole at Metcalfe Golf
14th Tee at Metcalfe Golf
10th Green at Metcalfe Golf
11th Green at Metcalfe Golf

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