Not Letting Go of Golf Season Yet

I didn’t expect much out of my golf game yesterday. I was tired from having been up to open the golf shop at Metcalfe, tired from working in the golf shop for 5 hours, stiff from my re-introduction to squash and generally out of practice, having not hit a golf ball in 7 days. Given the above, I went out Saturday afternoon to enjoy one of my last games of the year, with little expectations of good play.

The 7th Tee at Metcalfe

So, when I found myself 3 over through 4, I was actually kind of surprised. Besides a double on 1 I was playing decent. I was really surprised when I went birdie, birdie on 5 and 6 (both 30′ plus putts), par, par and par on 7 – 9 for a 1 over 36 on the front. I scrambled like mid season form on the back and although I bogeyed 2 of the 3 back 9 par 5s, I managed a 2 over 39, for a 3 over 75. Score wise, it ties my best round of the year (I have 2 other 75s this season), and although I played the whites, which likely saved me 2 or 3 strokes, I was really happy to put in a solid round late in the season.

Full scorecard here.

While the weather was pretty crappy outside today I took advantage of the empty course to get in likely one of, if not the last round of my season. It was also an opportunity for me to test out my new Under Armour Rain suit in pretty wet conditions.

My round today was much more what I expected from my round yesterday. While I hit the ball well for the most part I just couldn’t get anything going, on the front 9 at least. I was 8 over after 9 and thinking my day was going to be a disappointing way to end the golf season. I 3 putted the 10th for  bogey and felt like the only thing I was accomplishing out there was getting wet and cold. I made a nice up and down on 11 for par and didn’t think much about it. I followed that up with a kick in birdie on 12 and 6 straight pars for an even par back 9. While an 80 is nothing to write home about, I was happy with my play on the back 9, which featured 6 one putts.

Full Scorecard here

In addition to my play, I am happy to report I managed to stay dry from head to toe today, although my back was a little “damp.” All and all I am pretty happy with the rain suit.

15th Fairway at Metcalfe

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