Golf Season Coming to an End

While I hate to admit  it, my golf season seems to be coming to an end. The last time I played a full round round was Sunday September 30th!

I am hoping to get at least one round in this weekend, but that could be it. It is a shame because I really enjoy fall golf. The temperature is a little cooler, but the conditions are closer to those of mid summer than spring conditions are. For me it is the best of both worlds because I am not a huge fan of the wet spring conditions, or the humidity of mid summer.

I did manage to play a couple holes at Les Vieux Moulins last Saturday (long story). The 4 holes we played were less than quality, but I didn’t have high expectations. From what I saw, with the right maintenance the course could be decent as it has some interesting holes and the greens seem good. The best part of an otherwise not fun outing were the fall colours everywhere.

2nd hole at Les Vieux Moulins

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