Ryder Cup

I don’t comment much on the world of golf outside the boundaries of my participation, but I must say that the Ryder Cup is one of my favorite events (along with the Presidents Cup). I like to format, I like the idea of team vs team (at my core I am a team sport kinda guy) and I really enjoy the story lines that comes with the event. The rain suit disaster at Celtic Manor was classic, and the Tiger vs Rory story line over the weeks leading up to the event has been great. It is too bad that the story line won’t play out as it has been announced that Rory will play Bradley and Tiger will play Molinari. This might seem like an underwhelming line up, but it makes sense for the Europeans, with the USA up by 4, the Europeans will need to get some points on the board early, both to stay alive in the event and also to build some momentum going into the afternoon matches, assuming they will matter. 

The real reason for this blog wasn’t to analyze tomorrows match ups or make any predictions, but rather to point out that whenever I see a team USA players bag I think of Apollo Creed,

The good news for those cheering for the States is that their fate looks to be turning out better than Apollo.

See you at the Turn,



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