Long Time No Post Part 2 – Kingston Intersectionals

Past 2 of my Long Time No Post. A series of posts long overdue.

Way back in April I had this idea that I would play 1 Slammer Tour event per month, just to keep my game sharp and also to see what it was all about.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to play any events in April, May, or June. By the end of June I figured there wasn’t any point playing this year and would try again next year, but that all changed when I received an email in early July regarding an opportunity to play for the Executive Golf team at the Golf Association of Ontario Intersectionals in Kingston. The gist of it was anyone on the Slammer Tour could try out by playing in Slammer Tour events. Like Metcalfe Golf, qualification was based on Stableford points and a players best 2 scores would count.

With this in mind I entered 2 events in July, played fairly average and didn’t really think I would make the team, but didn’t really know. Qualifying ended at the end of August, so didn’t find out that I did in fact make the team until after getting back from vacation. The team would be playing in Kingston at Amherstview Golf Club on Sunday Sept. 9th and would be playing against the host, Loyalist and Gananoque.

Knowing that I was going with the EG team to Kingston meant I needed to prep, which for me, meant playing lots. For better or worse I have never been much of a practicer, I prefer getting my reps in by playing lots. Similar to my prep for the Club Champs I wasn’t playing all that great leading into the event. I capped my prep off with a Slammer Tour event the week before at Metcalfe and played like complete crap, not the confidence builder I was hoping for.

On the day of the event, everything seemed to click. I knew I would be in tough as I was the highest index in my foursome, playing against two 5s and a 3. I have never played the course before, but from its website I knew the general layout and I knew it was short.  On the 1st tee it was apparent I was the youngest in my group by about 25 years, which correlated into me being the longest off the tee by a good 50 yards at times. I managed to use this to my advantage all day, hitting last into the green on pretty much everyone par 4 and 5, already knowing what type of shape my competitors were in. Sparing all the details, the day played out in the following manner:

  • The guy from Loyalist had an awful day and was out of it early. 
  • I played steady enough all day that a late break was all I needed.
  • On the 17th hole par 4 I was pin high, but in the rough in 2. The player from Amherstview had a tap in par, and the player from Gananoque was yet to hit. I was sitting higher than the hole and knew that anything not perfect was going to take off. I took out the $5 60 degree wedge that had been in may bag under a month and try’d to get a flop up and onto the green, hopefully being able to stop is close. I caught it a little more flush than I had hoped and it came out a bit hot, but right on line. Sure enough it went right for the pin, hit it and dropped. A birdie 3 had put pressure on Gananoque as he now needed to make his greenside chip to stay alive in the match. More importantly, I had pulled even with Amherstview going into 18. Ganaoque would miss his chip, guaranteeing me 4 points of a possible 6. 
  • Nothing much happened on 18 and I finished with 5 points, 2 wins and a tie, and a score of 3 over 75, my best since club championships. 
  • On top of it all, Team EG won the whole thing, and will be moving up to the top tier next year. 

See you at the turn,



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