Long Time No Post Part 1 – August Vacation

Wow, it has been a month since my last post. Apparently life got busy, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting some golf in.

Since club championships not a whole lot has happened, but there has been some activity. I am going to try and get caught up in a couple of back to back posts, starting with our trip to St.Thomas following the Metcalfe Golf Club Championships.

  • Following club championships Mary (@marymac82) and I took a trip down to my parents in St. Thomas, ON. We travelled through the States to do a little shopping on the way. Highlights of the trip include:
    • Got some great deal on shorts in Syracuse, NY. 3 pairs (dockers, polo golf, izod) for $30.00 USD tax in.
    • Picked up a 52 degree Nike Vrev wedge for $60.00.
    • And my favorite purchase, a pair of Nike Air Range shoes. They weren’t as good of a deal as I thought at the time, but I like them so much it doesn’t bother me.
    • In St.Thomas I made my usual trip to Fore Goflers Only (actually made 2 trips). I made a rather impulsive buy on a 60 degree Vokey wedge, but hey it was $5. Once cleaned up and regrooved it has served me well (foreshadowing). I also picked up a new set of clubs for my dad, hopefully something that will allow him to hit the ball a little longer and consistently. 
    • Mary and I got out for 1 round with my Dad and brother while home. We played Kettle Creek Golf and Country Club. It is a short, par 67 course. I had only played it once before, back when it just opened. It was a decent track in average shape, has quicker greens than one would expect and some nicely designed holes around a central pond. It was not overly difficult, but I was still happy with the 70 I shot.
    • Completely unrelated to golf, while home we headed out to Long Point Eco Adventures  for some zip lining with my brother (he works there). This is a pretty cool place and I suggest you check it out if ever in the area.

    Long Time no Post Part 2 will be recap of my experience with Team EG at Kingston Intersectionals.
    See you at the turn,

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