2012 OVGA Intersectionals Division I Recap

It was another hot day in a long line of hot days on Sunday at Metcalfe Golf. The course had taken a pounding by the lack of rain, leaving the rough non existent and the fairways hard. Luckily, the grounds crew had been working hard to keep the greens and tee boxes well watered and green.And so it was under such conditions that Metcalf Golf hosted the 2012 OVGA Intersectionals Division I.

Competing at Metcalfe, along with the host, were Hammond Golf and Country Club, Cedar Glen Golf Course, and Petawawa Golf Club (formally twin rivers). Hammond had finished 3rd in Division I last year (we beat them by one point), Cedar Glen won Division J to move up and Petawawa lost Division H to move down.

I would be playing in position 2 this year for Metcalfe, I would have preferred position 3 as I feel it more closely fits my index (Our number 3 is playing to a 4.6 right now, but was slightly higher than me a month ago when the indexes had to be submitted), but position 2 it was. Lucky for me the indexes of two of my competitors were in line with me, both playing to a 6, but the index of the gentleman from Hammond was somewhere around a 1. On the bag for me was my lovely (and very patient) wife Mary (@marymac82 on twitter)

Besides the heat, which doesn’t bother me a whole lot, I had to content with the pace of play, which drives me nuts. I arrived at the course around 10:45 for what I anticipated to be a 12:20 start time. Unfortunately the pace of play didn’t allow for the 8 min tee times and by the time I got to the tee it was 12:45. 

The round started better than most for me, a hybrid down the middle, a 6 iron to the back of the green and  2 putts for a par. Just like that I was up 1 on Cedar Glen and Petawawa and even with Hammond. 

The 2nd hole also went straight forward, drive down the middle, 4 iron to the green, 2 putts for par. Low and behold I was 2 up on Cedar Glenn and Petawawa and even with Hammond. 

Things got a little dicey on the 3rd as I pulled my tee shot into the trees (it bounced out), pushed my hybrid into the trees (I had a shot) chipped to the fringe, hit a horrible putt from the fringe, and 2 putted for 6. I was up 1 on Cedar Glen and Petawawa and down 1 to Hammond.

I got lucky on the 4th as Cedar Glen pulled his tee shot into the trees, took an unplayable, failed to get out and picked up. Petawawa was in play but left and had to chip out to the 100 and hit in, he was putting for par from 20 feet, missed and took a 5. Hammond yanked a drive left that hit a tree and kicked into the fairway 200 yards form the green. He pushed his second into the hazard, took a drop and chipped on and 2 putted for 6. I hit mine perfect down the middle, caught my approach a little thin but was on and  putting, and then I 3 putted. After 4 I am even with Hammond, 2 up on Cedar Glen and 1 up on Petawawa.

I had a lot of confidence in my tee shot on the par 3 5th, my last 2 outings I had tap in birdies. On this day I was good, but not great hitting to about 30 feet. No one got close though and even though I blew my 1st putt by I managed to make a 5 footer coming back for par. Cedar Glen made a par, while Hammond and Petawawa made bogey’s. I was 3 over after 5 and somehow 2 up on Cedar Glen and Petawawa and 1 up on Hammond.

The 6th hole was a disaster all around, 3 of us pulled our drives into the left lateral hazard, only Cedar Glen managed to stay in play. Petawawa and myself took drops, Hammond found his ball, but took 2 swipes to get it out. All and all, Cedar Glen made it to the green and had a birdie putt, Petawawa made it to the green and had an 8 footer for a double, Hammond was off to the right of the green sitting 4 and I was off to the left of the green sitting 4. Hammond was away and wouldn’t he go and pitch in for par. I followed with an awful hossel rocket down the front of the green, a chip past the hole and a downhill 8 footer for double. I rolled my putt to about a foot and had my 8. Petawawa hit his putt for double and lipped out. I gave a stroke back to Hammond and Cedar Glen, but somehow managed to hold on to a 2 hole lead over Petawawa.

Not much happened on the 7th, Hammond and I missed right, chipped on and 2 putted for 4s. Cedar Glen and Petawawa hit the green, each about 30 feet left of the hole and both 3 putted for 4.

The 8th was one of the better played holes by all involved as everyone hit down the middle and hit the green. I was first to go and lagged my putt to about 3 feet. Hammond was next and lagged his to a gimmie. Cedar Glen put his putt slightly outside mine and Petawawa managed to get his into gimmie range. I was lucky enough to play the 8th hole a lot, because I knew my putt was straight in even though the green gives the impression it breaks. Cedar Glenn did not have this knowledge and lipped out. Mine was center of the cup the whole way. I was 2 up on Cedar Glen and Petawawa and 1 down to Hammond after 8.

The 9th went well for everyone but me. After 4 good drives I was first to play and pulled my wedge into the left rough. The other 3 hit the green, but no one was really within striking distance. Unfortunately my chip came out soft and rolled virtually no where, I had a 10 footer for par. The others made their pars, but I over read the break on mine and missed high. I shot a disappointing 42 on the front, was 2 down to Hammond, 1 up on Petawawa and 1 up on Cedar Glen.

I got a bit of a break on the 10th, after everyone getting off the tee without issue, the other 3 all managed to make a mess of the hole. I played a straight forward, conservative 3 shot par 5 and 2 putted for par. Cedar Glen ended up with double, Petawawa with a bogey and Hammond somehow managed a par even though he hit his second into the trees and had to chip out. I remained 2 down to Hammond, but went to 2 up on Cedar Glen and Petawawa.

I made a mess of 11, hitting my tee shot down the left hand side it rolled through the fairway and into the trees. I had a decent punch out, but then pulled a wedge, chipped on and had a few feet for bogey. I would never hit the putt as everyone else made par.

For one reason or another 11 really got me down and I struggled to calm myself and refocus on 12. While a really short par 4, 12 can be a nightmare if you don’t get off the tee. I hit a great shot down the left hand side and had 65 yards in. I pulled my wedge to the back of the green and had a good 40 footer from the fringe. I got my ball inside 5 feet and made my par. Hammond had driven the green and had an easy 2 putt for birdie, Cedar Glen followed me and made a par, and Petawawa got into trouble off the tee and made a bogey. I was now 1 up on Cedar Glen, 2 up on Petawawa and 4 down to Hammond.

To the par 3 13th we go. Hammond and Petawawa both stuck theirs tight off the tee, I was on, but short of the pin by 20 feet or so. Cedar Glen was just short of the green. Cedar Glen would chip on a 2 putt for bogey, I lagged mine to 2 feet and made my par. Hammond 2 putted for par from 20 feet and Petawawa with a chance to get 1 back missed an 8 footer and settled for par. I was now 2 up Cedar Glen and Petawawa with 5 to play and 4 down to Hammond. 

The short par 4 14th was next. Hammond crushed one off the tee, I hit one off the tee almost as long as Hammond, Petawawa found the bunker and Cedar Glen pushed his right of the bunker, but still had an easy shot into the green. Petawawa was first to go and hit a great shot out of the  bunker to the back of the green, about 20 feet from the hole. Cedar Glen put his ball in almost the same spot at Petawawa. I was up next and hit my best wedge of the day to 12 feet. Hammond was last and although he mishit his wedge it took a good bounce and came to rest 10 feet from the hole. Cedar Glen and Petawawa missed the birdies and made par. I was on the same line as both Cedar Glen and Petawawa so got a good read of their putts, mine was a little right off the putter face, but it caught just enough off the side door to drop for birdie. At this point I really though I had one back on Hammond, but he stepped up and drained his birdie putt, putting our match at dormie. On the bright side I was now 3 up on Cedar Glen and Petawawa and could close out both of those matches on 15. 

No one was great off the tee on 15, but 3 of us were in play. Petawawa went right off the tee and had to take an unplayable and would be sitting 4 at 200 yards out. Hammond went for it in two and hit a hook instead of a slice, he was deep in the trees, somewhere around 50 yards from the green. Somehow, he  managed to find his ball and hack out of the trees to 5 feet, it was one of the most incredible outs I have ever seen. Petawawa and Cedar Glen both got onto the green in 4 and 2 putted for bogeys. I played the hole safely and ended up with an uphill 15 footer for birdie, a birdie that would hopefully keep my match with Hammond going. I hit a great putt, right edge, but it didn’t drop, so I was a par. Hammond could now 2 putt for the win, but he only needed 1, great birdie. All 3 of my matches came to an end on 15, a 4&3 win over Cedar Glen, a 4&3 win over Petawawa and a 4&3 loss to Hammond. I had secured 4 points for Metcalfe.

After the 15th I had a brain fart on 16, leading to a double. I followed that up with a 2 chip bogey on 17 and an easy par on 18, although 18 should have been a par since I was green side in 2 and failed to get up and down.  I would shoot 82 on the day, not my best, but was good enough to win 2 of 3 matches.

In the end my 4 points wasn’t enough as Hammond ran away with 1st place, but we did manage 2nd place for the 2nd year in a row, which isn’t bad. Final standings:

Hammond: 42 points
Metcalfe: 30 points
Cedar Glen: 27 points
Petawawa: 21 points

My career intersectionals record is now 22 points out of a possible 30, with the only real blemish being 2009  when I got 0 points at Madawaska.

Another year of intersectionals was in the books and it is time for me to take a little break from golf before shifting my focus to the Club Championships.

See you at the turn,



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