Getting Ready for Intersectionals

I have been playing lots of golf the last 2 weeks in preparations for OVGA Intersectionals and my game has been uncharacteristically consistent, if not great.

I followed up my 78 and 81 on June 30th ( with an even par 36 on the Metcalfe 9 on the 2nd, an 80 at Metcalfe on the 4th, a 38 on the Metcalfe 9 on the 4th  an 80 at Eagle Creek on the 6th, an 81 at Metcalfe on the 8th, and a 3 over 38 on the front 9 of the 18 at Metcalfe last night.

While my scores have been consistent, I have been taking way too many double bogeys. Over my last 4 rounds I have averaged 2 double bogey’s per round. On the bright side, I have also been averaging 2.2 birdies per round. Imagine what kind of scores I would be carding if I could remove those doubles.

Also hurting my game is the driver. Over last 4 rounds I am only averaging 50% fairways hit and I have struggled to find confidence off the tee during my last 2 rounds.

In addition to playing I have also gotten in a few good practice sessions, mainly short game stuff, but I plan to  head to the range tonight and work on the driver.

The plan is to practice tonight, play Thursday and Friday, and practice/play on Saturday. Hopefully at that point I will be ready.

Intersectionals go this Sunday and we (Metcalfe Golf) are hosting our division, so hopefully a little home field advantage will come into play. I will be playing in the 2nd position and for a 6 handicap I will be in pretty tough playing the number 2s from Hammond, Cedar Glen and Twin Rivers.

See you at the turn,



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