Spring is over, summer is here, what have I been up to for the last 3 weeks.

I just noticed I haven’t written anything in 3 weeks!

Honestly, not a whole lot, golf wise, has been happening the past 3 weeks. I have been on the road for work so that really cut into the golfing.

Since my 33 (my last post) I have played a handful of decent rounds. While I haven’t gone low lately, I have played fairly consistent. Most importantly, my bad rounds haven’t really been that bad.

Summary of last few rounds:

77 on June 16th at Metcalfe

Hit the ball solid even though I 3 putted the 17th and 18th. turning a 75 into a 77. Made 1 birdie, the 16th, and no double bogeys.

82 on June 22th at Metcalfe

Wasn’t very happy with my game. I rushed out to the course right after work and was on the 1st tee without any form of warm up. Double bogey’s on 2 and 15th didn’t help my cause.

78 on June 30th at Metcalfe

Got to play with Metcalfe Golf GM Rob Howell, which was a lot of fun. Besides a few drastic miss hits on the first couple of holes I hit the ball real solid, I 3 putted 9 for bogey, which was disappointing, but had a kick in for birdie on 14 that made up for it. No double bogeys for the round which is always a good sign.

81 on June 30th at Champlain

2nd round of the day after a morning round at Metcalfe. If it wasn’t for the par 3s I would have put together 2 good rounds for the day. I played the par 3s 6 over with 3 double bogeys. Even bogeys on those holes would have turned the 81 into a 78. In general I feel I struggled on the front 9 and kind of found my legs on the back. I was really disappointing in the course conditions and happy I hadn’t paid full price (had a Groupon).

In addition to the full rounds I had a 37 and a 36 on the Metcalfe 9, played in a charity scramble at Stonebridge and played a 9 hole evening scramble at Milby Golf Club in Sherbrooke, QC. I really enjoyed the layout and scenery at Milby and hope to get back there for a real round sometime soon.

June has come to an end and my index sits at 6.2. While I am happy I have been able to wrestle it down from the 7.3 it was in mid May I am still a little off the mark I set last summer (5.4). The next month is going to be fun as I compete in intersectionals on July 15 and prepare for Club Champs second week of August.


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