A 33 in Pictures

My better half, one of my few loyal readers and critics, has suggested for a while that I should  post more photos for my blog. So, last Monday when we headed out for an evening 9 I suggested she take the photos for my next blog post. Whenever we play we like to play a friendly match. To make the match equal I give her 1 stroke on each of the par 4s and 3s and 2 strokes on the par 5s.The following is a round of 33 (-3) in photos.
Here I am standing over my eagle putt on 1. I started my day with a bomb off the tee, followed by a 170 yard  5 iron to the front of the green. I would miss the eagle, but tap in for birdie. I was one up after 1.

Happy guy following back to back birdies. 2 up after 2.
I didn’t hit the best tee  shot on 4, but got lucky in the trees. I was able to hit a high 8 iron up and over  the trees and onto the green. I made a par. I was -2 after 4. Mary made her bogey on 4, so I was still 2 up after 4.

I hit my worst shot of the day on 6. Not sure what was going through my head, but I  duffed a 7 iron , leaving me with about 50 yards left into the green. I hit a great wedge into the green and made a long putt to save my par. I was -2 after 6.  After making a bogey on 5 (and wining the hole), Mary made a par on 6, winning her second hole in a row. We were now all even.

During most of our evening rounds the sun sits right over the 8th green by the time we get there. This was one of our longer rounds, so the sun was a little lower than normal. I ended up hitting a great shot off the tee here to about 20 feet, but on the fringe. I drained the uphill putt for a birdie to go to -3 for the day. Mary matched my par on 7 and with her stroke took the hole and 1 up lead going into 8. I needed birdie on 8 to keep the match going.
Sitting at 3 under I pulled my drive and was left with this lie in the left hand rough  about 40 yards from the green.  I hit a decent shot, but was short of the green. I proceeded to chunk my chip onto the fringe, leaving me with a 30 foot par put from the fringe. It was just one of those days where I couldn’t miss, I hit a perfect putt that was center of the cup every inch of the way. Mary made her 5 bogey on 9 and even though I shot 3 under Mary came in with a 45 of her own and we were off to extra holes.

We didn`t play any actual extra holes, but rather dropped our balls in the rough close to where I played my 2nd from and hit into the green. I hit a decent shot, whereas Mary hit her`s to about 5 feet. I would miss my putt and tap in for for 3. Mary had her 8 footer to win the match, but would miss. We were heading to a second playoff hole. This time we moved to the 40 yard mark in the middle fairway. This time it was my turn to hit one close, leaving my pitch a mere 2 feet from the hole. Mary would hit her wedge to the back of the green leaving her a long 2 putt. She would take 2 to get inside me, so I had 2 feet and 2 putts for the win.  I made my putt and even though I played my 9 in 3 under it took 2 extra holes to secure the win in match play.


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