Week O’ Golf Part 2

Note: Part 2 of 2 Part post.

Following up Tuesday’s extravaganza of golf, I didn’t touch a club for the rest of the week. On Saturday, Mary had a plan to head to Montreal for a cousins wedding shower, so my options where come to Montreal, stay home (literally at home since we only have one car) or have her drop me off at the golf course on her way to Montreal and pick me up on her way home. Was looking like another multiple round day, but how many rounds could I get in?

Saturday started with a 7:30am tee time with David. We were paired with 2 other guys who were not the greatest players and likely slowed us down a little bit. We played in roughly 4 hours (a slow round for me). The round went well. The previous night  I had decided to switch out my 10.5 driver head and replace it with a 9.5 head, and it seemed to make a difference as I was hitting the ball a good 20 yards further off the tee, with a much better ball flight as well. Besides 3 doubles I put in a solid round shooting 80 (Scorecard).

After our round David headed out and I headed for a bite to eat. After lunch I wondered down to the tee and managed to hook up with a father and son. Since they were going to play from the white tees I decided to join them so that we all played from the same tees. Again I had a couple of doubles, but played really well on the back 9 making 2 birdies and finishing with a 77 (Scorecard).

After walking 36 holes I was really considering not playing any more golf for the day. I had played 2 good rounds, was pretty tired and I was thinking about my 3rd round of the day from Tuesday where I struggled. In the end I decided what the heck (its not like I was going anywhere). I jumped in a cart and headed out on the deserted course (it was now 6pm or so). And like I feared, I played like crap. I had 4 doubles bogeys, 4 pars, 1 birdie and bogeyed everything else for an 88 (Scorecard). My day at the course had started at 7:30am and was now coming to an end at 8:00pm.

It was the second day in a week where I had managed to play 54 holes in a day. Even better, of the 6 rounds I had played 4 good rounds, which is fairly consistent for me.

On Sunday I took the day off from the course and I worked in the morning on Monday. I was torn as to whether or not to play after my shift on Monday. For one, the course was extremely busy and I knew it would be a slow round, and for two I was pretty tired from the week. After some deliberation I decided to play. I joined up with 2 junior members and we headed out. I am glad I decided to play as I  played one of my best rounds of the season so far shooting 79 from the blacks, making 11 pars and a birdie in the process (Scorecard).

With the completion of my round on May 19 I had played a total of 135 holes of golf in a 7 day stretch. My handicap started the 7 days at 8.0 and finished at 7.1.

Up next, the Flagstick Shootout, more on that to come.


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