Cold Weekend of Golf

Holy smokes that was cold.

The good news is I was able to get in 27 holes of golf this weekend. The bad news is my dress was more fitting for a day on the slopes than it was for a day at the golf course. The worse news is I played like crap.

I had the opportunity to play Casselview Golf and Country Club on Saturday morning with my father-in-law who was in town from Montreal with his hockey team. Saturday morning was by far the coldest weather I have ever played golf in. Luckily it was sunny, but when we tee`d off it was right around 0 degrees and colder with the wind chill. Ahh yes, the wind chill. Not only did the wind make it colder it also wrecked havoc on my game.

Dressing for the cold is always a delicate process. On one hand you’re out in the elements for 4 plus hours, so you need to stay warm. On the other hand you need to be mobile enough to actually swing a club, so you can`t bundle up too much. Let us not forget you want to avoid sweating because nothing  is worse than walking/riding the back nine wet and cold. With the above taken into account I went with the following:

Base layer for long johns and compression shirt.

Next layer – dockers khakis and golf shirt. Even when I layer I wear a  collared shirt, not sure why, habit I guess.

Add a sweater (what is with the stupid grin)

Top it all off with wind paints, jacket, cold weather golf gloves and touque. 

While I was warm enough all day my, my game was cool and downright cold at times. My first game with the new driver felt like my first game with a new driver and I spent much of the day in trouble off the tee. The only thing that kept me in it was my putting which was the best it has been all so far this season. I am not sure the cold itself added any strokes to my score, but the wind coupled with the cold certainly did. On several occasions I hit 5 iron from 150 yards and came up short. After all was said and done I was 84, scorecard here.

On Sunday the weather was better, but not by much. The saving grace was we weren’t playing until the afternoon and were only going to play 9. I did however have to be up by 5:30 and at the course by 6:30 for a shift in the pro shop, so I had been on my feet for 7 hours prior to teeing off. The round was not great, shooting a 43. My driving was much better than Saturday, hitting 57% of fairways, but my putting was pretty crappy.


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