Driving Range Mishap with Nike VR Str8-Fit Driver

Friday was a sad day for Brewcee. You will recall I purchased a new (to me) driver last weekend. Well, Friday was my first chance to really try it out on the range and I was hitting it sweet. I took my new Nike VR Str8-Fit to the range with high expectations and a sense of excitement.

I switched from a 10.5 loft with a regular flex shaft to a 9.5 loft with a stiff shaft because I felt I was getting way to much trajectory on my ball with the 10.5. The new set up seemed to help my ball flight as I was hitting them on a string for about 20 balls and then it happened…

On a particularly bad swing my follow through caught the metal gate/divider the range uses to separate the stalls, leaving a large dent in the toe of the club (above the face of the club). This was quite devastating to say the least, especially considering it was my first time out with the club. I would describe the emotion as 50% mad at myself (really how could I not have identified that as I risk before) and 50% sad.

While I am certain the long term effects of this will be a weaker club head, reduced ball speed and other potential short comings, the short terms results seems to be more visual distraction than anything else. The remainder of the balls I hit (an other 20 or so) had just as good of a flight path and distance as the first 20.

Like most (ir)rational people, the 1st thing I did following the incident was post a photo on twitter. Sadly, I have no photos of the club pre dent.

I am fairly sure the incident came close to trending on twitter yesterday evening, and I am appreciative of the sympathy I received from my fellow tweeters (@flagstick and @gropper76).

Even with the apparent lack of effect on performance I spent last night (Friday) on all the golf buy/trade/sell forums I could find looking for a replacement head. As of today nothing is for sure, but I think I have a couple of options that will get me back in the game without breaking the bank. As for the immediate future, I am playing tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday afternoon and the plan is to put “denty” into play and see what happens.


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