2012 Masters – Who is your favorite?

In 2000 Tiger Woods dominated the Masters, and today (or yesterday, not really sure) he said he is hitting the ball as consistent as 2000, with more shots at his disposal! Will it be enough to get back into the winners circle in a major?

I have clearly proven that I am not the best resource when it comes to picking winners, in my golf pool this year I am very close to the bottom, so don’t quote me, but I am picking ….

For the 2012 Masters I am putting my money (no actual money, I don’t have that much faith in my prediction) on Hunter Mahan. Having won twice already in 2012 Mahan has shown he is on top of his game. At the very least this will have him confident leading into the tournament. He is ranked in the top 10 in driving accuracy (6), greens in regulation (9) and Birdies or better on Par 4s (1).

They say the key to Augusta is success around the greens and this may be the one area going against Mahan. With that said, his putting has been on the upswing this season, he currently sits 5th and 9th respectively in putting average from 20 – 25′ and 15 – 25′.

I heard a good quote on the Golf Channel today, “If the option is Tiger vs the field there is a good chance the field will win most weeks, but if it is Tiger vs any specific player in the field, Tiger is going to win more than he doesn’t.” With that in mind, if Mahan doesn’t win it’s going to be Tiger (hedging my bets).


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