2012 Golf Schedule


I have made some changes to my 2012 schedule, the main one being that I have signed up for the Slammer Tour and plan on playing in about 5 events this summer.

A little later than normal, but I have finally gotten around to planning my golf season. Each year in the spring I sit down and mull over the multitude of events to choose from in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Unlike past years where I have generally known what tournament I want to play, this year has been a bit of an internal struggle to put together a tournament line up that fits what I am looking for. What am I looking to in a tournament? Good question, sometimes I don’t seem to know myself, but generally I look for (in no particular order):

  • Day of the week
    • Weekends always work better for me, but will take time off work for the right tournament
  • Cost
    • I wish it wasn’t a factor, but it is.
  • Event Field
    • While I never know exactly who is in the field, most events have enough history to give you an idea who is likely to play.
  • Chance to do well
    • Whether you finish high in a tournament is as much about how well you play as it is about how well the other competitors play. There are courses I have a history of playing well on and courses I have a history playing not so well.
  • Location
    • I tend to look look for events in Ottawa and area, but will venture for the right event.
I like to find a mix of events that have a strong field and those that I think I can do well in. Playing against a strong field is often humbling and provides a good balance to playing events where I am one of the strongest in the field.
2012 Schedule
April 24:                              Slammer Tour @ Outaouais Golf Club
May 20:                               Slammer Tour @ Buckingham Golf Club
May 26/27:                          Flagstick Shootout @ Smugglers Glen
May 28 – June 4:                  OVGA Intersectional Team Try-Outs @ Metcalfe Golf
June 10:                               Metcalfe Golf Sunday Tournament Series  @ Metcalfe Golf
June 11:                               Alexander of Tunis Qualifier @ Prescott Golf Club 
June 29:                               Slammer Tour @ eQuinelle Golf Club
July 8:                                  Metcalfe Golf Sunday Tournament Series  @ Metcalfe Golf
July 15:                                OVGA Intersectionals  @ Metcalfe Golf
July 18:                                Slammer Tour @ Cedarhill Golf and Country Club
July 22:                                Metcalfe Golf Sunday Tournament Series  @ Metcalfe Golf
July 16, 30/August 1:           Ottawa Valley Championships @ Smith Falls Golf Club, Mississippi Golf     
                                           Course, and Arnprior Golf Club*
August 11/12:                      Metcalfe Golf Club Championhips  @ Metcalfe Golf
August 26:                           Metcalfe Golf Sunday Tournament Series  @ Metcalfe Golf
August 27 – 29:                   OVGA A Class City and District  @ Greensmere Golf and  
                                           Rivermead Golf Club*
September 2:                       Metcalfe Golf Sunday Tournament Series @ Metcalfe Golf 
September 9:                       Slammer Tour @ Brockville Country Club
September 22/23:                BCC Open @ Brockville Country Club
* Will play one the two, but haven’t decided which one yet. I have decided against playing in the Ottawa Valley Championships and will focus on the OVGA City and District. I have also decided not to play in the Tunis qualifier due to the added events through the Slammer Tour.

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