2012 Golf Pool Update

It is two months into the PGA Tour season and my golf pool team is hurting. What makes this all the more disappointing is that I thought I had a pretty good plan for selecting guys this year, that is focus on the players that play a  lot and make a lot of cuts.

Looking at the list of guys in my team the breakdown of my money following the Cadillac is as follows:

On the bright side most of my guys are making lots of cuts (except for Streelman who I took because he normally makes lots of cuts), on the down side my current money total puts me near the bottom of the standings in the pool.

My fingers are crossed that this line up has at least a couple of wins in them this year. Last year between the 10 they had zero, that’s right, zero wins. I figured having guys who make the cut week in and week out was what I wanted to focus on, maybe I was wrong.  They are at 1 win so far in 2012.


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